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Zula Madge Hart and Carl Likes


Zula Madge Hart was born on August 27, 1887 in Barry, Illinois.  She was the second child born to Charles W. Hart and Anna E. Jennings Hart.  Zula married Carl Cecil Likes in 1903.  Carl was born in 1886.  They had two children.


Zula died in February 1975 at New Canton, Pike County, Illinois.

Children born to Carl C. Likes and Zula Madge Hart Likes:

Charles "Charlie" Cecil Likes Born January 18, 1908 New Canton, Illinois Married Helen Lucille Owens, b. March 17, 1911.  Three children.
Died October 18, 1971  
Dale A. Likes Born January 1, 1917 New Canton, Illinois  No information
Died September 5, 1991 Clyde, KS

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