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Isaac Newton Hall



Isaac Newton Hall was born to Susan Perkins Burnham and Henry Hall III on June 3, 1808, in Rumney, Groton, New Hampshire.  Isaac was married twice: (1) Louisa Webster, and (2) Elizabeth Taisey.  Elizabeth was born on February 9, 1811 and she died on November 11, 1873.  Elizabeth's parents were William Taisey, born in Scotland, and Judith Darling, born in Vermont.


Isaac was a member of both branches of the Vermont legislature several times. President of the Montpelier and Wells River Railroad,  Director of a bank in Newbury. He was looked upon in his hometown of Groton, Vermont as the leader of town affairs. He was also a district judge and was known for many years as Judge Hall.

He was engaged in several pursuits - farming, lumber, sawmill, cattle trading and in whatever business that he could make a dollar. He had a very judicial air about him and yet he was very gracious, softened easily to the appeals of the needy, always generous and with few enemies. He was strictly honest in all his business transactions and I heard many time from the lips of Groton residents that his word was as good as his bond.


Isaac died on November 23, 1893, in Chicago, Illinois

Children born to Isaac Newton Hall and Elizabeth Taisey Hall:

Judith A. Hall Born April 21, 1833    
Thomas Bartlett Hall Born November 29, 1834   Married Elizabeth Margaret Donaldson, b. Nov. 27, 1836, d. April 19, 1908.  They had four children.
Newell Culver Hall Born April 16, 1837    
Judith A. Hall Born December 1839    
Helen Mar Hall Born October 24, 1842 Groton, Vermont Married George Henry Willard, b. Dec. 2, 1836, d. Oct 13, 1910.
Died January 13, 1923  
Theresa J. Hall Born June 6, 1845   Married Daniel Alexander Cochran, b. May 21, 1835.  They had four children.
Josephine Hall Born February 9, 1847    
Susan Maria Hall Born September 28, 1850   Married Stephen Vance.  They had four children.
Lydia Hall Born February 11, 1852   Married Samuel Whitney.  They had one son, Roy Whitney.

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