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Tabitha Hart and John Rand



Tabitha Hart was born about 1740 in Lunenberg, Worcester County, Massachusetts.  She was the youngest child born to Samuel Hart and his wife, Hepsibar Eaton.


Tabitha married three times.  Her first marriage, on September 8, 1761,  was to Jonathan Stedman.  Jonathan was born on July 30, 1738, in Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts.  He was the second of nine children (eight boys and one girl) born to Isaac Stedman and his wife, Hulda(h) Trowbridge.


Isaac Stedman, Jonathan's father, was born on February 15, 1707, in Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.  Hulda(h) Trowbridge, Jonathan's mother, was born on March 23, 1714/1715 in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Isaac and Hulda(h) Stedman were married on April 19, 1738, in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.


Jonathan and Tabitha had two children together, listed below, before he died.


After Jonathan's death, Tabitha married again.  Her new husband, John Rand, had recently lost his first wife, Elizabeth Holden Rand.  John already had three children with Elizabeth; Tabitha bore him six more (listed below).


John Rand was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Parker) Rand.  John was born in Lynn, Massachusetts, on October 14, 1722.  Once he was old enough to live on his own, he moved to Westminster, Massachusetts.  On April 4, 1747, John purchased lot No. 50, represented by the dwelling formerly occupied by Levi Graves on North Common, of Benjamin Wilson, who probably made the first improvements on the premises.


John was established on the place in 1751, in which year, presumably, he married Elizabeth, born in 1730, the daughter of Deacon Joseph and Abigail (Shattuck) Holden.  He was a man of unusual natural ability, with great power of administration, active in public affairs and much honored at home and abroad.  He held numerous places of public trust, having been a member of the Standing Committee of the Propriety, Selectman repeatedly, and Treasurer for three years, besides acting frequently as Moderator of town meetings.  He was also interested and very active in the church, as the records of ecclesiastical matters plainly attest.  He took a leading part also in military concerns.  He received a commission as Captain of a local military company in 1771.  At the start of the Revolution, John entered zealously into the service of the Colonies, and was promoted to the Colonelship of a Worcester County Regiment on June 24, 1779, and assigned a position at Claverack, in the valley of the Hudson.


John Rand's wife, Elizabeth (Holden) Rand, having borne him three children, died on December 14, 1756, at the age of 26.


John Rand married his second wife, Tabitha Hart Stedman, in 1766.  Tabitha was the widow of Jonathan Stedman.  Tabitha bore John six more children, as shown below.  John died on December 11, 1789, at the age of 67.


Tabitha married a third time, sometime in 1800, a man with the last name of Gould, who died very soon.  Tabitha was taxed for the last time as a non-resident in 1808.  Tabitha probably died in 1809.


Children born to Jonathan Stedman and Tabitha Hart:

Jonathan Stedman Born September 15, 1764 Westminster, Massachusetts Married Sibel Ray on July 2, 1782 in Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts
Sarah Stedman Born June 30, 1762 Westminster, Massachusetts Married David Wymond in 1784 in Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts

Children born to John Rand and his first wife, Elizabeth Holden:  (Tabitha's step-children)

Zachariah Rand Born August 18, 1752   Married Jerusha Sawyer on June 23, 1778.  She died on August 13, 1849.  They had at least one child: Phebe
Died April 23, 1827  
Abigail Rand Born     Apparently died as a child
Died October 8, 1756  
Elizabeth Rand Born     Apparently died as a child
Died December 14, 1756  

Note: Elizabeth (Holden) Rand (John Rand's wife) died on Dec. 14, 1756, at the age of 26, on the same day that her daughter, Elizabeth (above), died.

Children born to John Rand and Tabitha Hart:

Elizabeth Rand Born February 1, 1767 Westminster, Massachusetts Married Phineas Whitney (1761-1831)  on January 13, 1788
Died 1830 Pittsford, Vermont
Mary Rand Born December 20, 1769   Married John Cowee of Chittendon, Vermont
John Rand Born December 3, 1772   Married Dorcas Hartwell (1775-1855) of Worcester, NY, 1795.
Died 1860  
Thomas Rand Born September 29, 1774   Married Polly Foster in 1802.
William Rand Born July 13, 1776   Married Lucy Jackson; she died in 1809.
Samuel Rand Born March 16, 1778   Died as a child; three years old.
Died April 23, 1781  


Zachariah Rand and Jerusha Sawyer, born May 25, 1762, Westminster, Massachusetts, baptized on November 5, 1769, in Reading, Massachusetts, married on June 23, 1778, was the oldest child and daughter of Nathaniel Sawyer (b. 1737, Westminster, Mass., died July 26, 1797) and Jerusha Flint (born 1740, Westminster, Mass., died Feb. 20, 1824).  They had at least one child: Phebe Rand, b. Nov. 24, 1781in Westminster, Mass., d. Dec. 4, 1835, Westminster, Mass. (and, according to one source, Jerusha Flint Rand).  

Phebe Rand (daughter of Zachariah Rand and Jerusha Sawyer) married Jonas Ward Whitney, son of Abner and Levinah Whitney (1780- June 8, 1826), on May 27, 1800, and resided on the estate occupied by his father.  He was a trusted and honored townsman, serving 5 years as Selectman, and in other useful positions. Phebe and Zachariah Rand's children:
Phebe Rand, b. Sept. 8, 1800; m. Gideon Beaman; res. W.; d. Feb. 16, 1864.
Flint Rand, b. Feb. 8, 1804; d. Sept. 15, 1805.
Franklin Rand, b. Sept. 15, 1806; d. Jan. 15, 1840.
Louisa Rand, b. Sept. 4, 1808; m. Philander C. (31) Brown ; res. W.; 8 chn.; d. April 8, 1888.
George W. Rand, b. March 7, 1813; m. Dolly Jackson ; res. W.; 3 chn.; living.
Jonas N. Rand, b. Aug. 29, 1816; m. Nancy Lynde; res. W.; 4 chn.; d. June 4, 1884.
John M. Rand, b. March 30, 1819; m. Susan Winchester; res. W.; no chn.; d. May 23, 1861.
Aaron F. Rand, b. July 25, 1821; m. Mary Ann Read; res. Fg.; City Almoner; no chn.; living.
Lucy Ann Rand, b. Nov. 17, 1823; m. Milton (20) Wetherbee ; res. Fg.; 1 chd.; living.

John Rand (1772-1860) m. 1795 Dorcas Hartwell (1775-1855).  Dorcas Hartwell's father was Solomon Hartwell m. 1774 Dorcas Polly Hartwell (1755-1820).  Solomon Hartwell (1751-1847) applied for a pension, 1832, from Otsego County, N. Y., for service as private, 1775-77, under different commands, Massachusetts Line. He was born in Fitchburg, Mass.; died in Worcester, N. Y.

Elizabeth Rand (John Rand and Tabitha Hart's daughter) married Phineas Whitney on 13 Jan 1788 in Westminster, Worcester, MA. Elizabeth was born on 1 Feb 1767 in Westminster, Worcester, MA. She died in 1830 in Pittsford, Rutland, VT.  They had the following children:
Lydia Whitney was born on 30 Mar 1788 in Westminster, Worcester, MA. She died in 1858.
Betsey Whitney was born on 27 Dec 1789 in Westminster, Worcester, MA. She died in 1859.
Nancy Whitney was born on 21 Sep 1791 in Westminster, Worcester, MA. She died in 1861. 
John Whitney was born on 28 Jul 1793 in Westminster, Worcester, MA. He died on 6 Jan 1849 in Waterford, Washington, OH.
Thomas Whitney was born on 18 Mar 1795 in Westminster, Worcester, MA. He died in 1865 in Muncie, Delaware, IN.
Thomas married (1) Artimacy Preston on 21 Oct 1820 in Waterford, Washington, OH. Artimacy was born in 1800. She died on 1 Sep 1823 in Waterford, Washington, OH. Thomas married (2) Hannah Preston on 13 Jul 1826 in Washington Co, Waterford Twp, OH. Hannah was born in 1806. She died in 1876.

Military receipts issued to a Phineas Whitney (Elizabeth Rand's husband):

Volume 17, page 242
Whitney, Phineas, Gorham. Capt. Samuel Whitmore's co., Col. Reuben Fogg's regt.; copy of a pay abstract for mileage [year not given]; mileage for 392 miles allowed said Whitney.

Whitney, Phineas, Harvard. Certificate dated Cambridge, June 18, 1775, signed by Capt. Joseph Moors, certifying that said Whitney and others in his company were in need of cartridge boxes, for which said Moors promised to be accountable; also, Private, Capt. Joseph Moors's co., Col. William Prescott's regt.; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 19, 1775; service, 74 days; also, company return dated Oct. 6, 1775. 

Whitney, Phineas, Harvard. Corporal, Capt. Benjamin Brown's co., Col. Michael Jackson's regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Feb. 5, 1777, to Dec. 31, 1779; residence, Harvard; credited to town of Harvard; also, Capt. Hartshorn's co., Col. Jackson's regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from Jan. 1 to Jan. 28, 1780; term, 3 years. 

Volume 17, page 243
Whitney, Phineas, Westminster. Capt. Joseph Sargent's co., Col. Josiah Whitney's regt.; pay abstract for mileage, dated June 22, 1777; mileage for 90 miles allowed said Whitney; also, Private, same co.; service from May 5, 1777, to July 12, 1777, 67 days, at Rhode Island; company drafted from Col. Whitney's and Col. Stearns's regts. and marched to serve under Gen. Spencer. 

Whitney, Phineas, Westminster. Capt. Francis Willson's co., Col. Danforth Keyes's regt.; pay abstract for mileage from place of discharge home, dated Providence, Dec. 29, 1777; mileage for 68 miles allowed said Whitney. [See Phineas Whiting and Phineas Whitny.] 

Whitney, Phineas. Private, Capt. Briant Morton's co.; entered service Jan. 27, 1776; service to Sept. 1, 1776; company stationed on seacoast at Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough; also, Capt. Morton's co., Col. Mitchel's regt.; service from Sept. 1, 1776, to date of discharge, Nov. 25, 1776, 2 mos. 25 days; company stationed on seacoast at Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough. 

Whitney, Phineas. Private, Capt. Nathaniel Healy's co., Col. Jonathan Holman's regt.; service, 16 days; company marched to Rhode Island on an alarm in Dec., 1776, and was stationed at Providence Jan. 21, 1777. 

Volume 17, page 243
Whitney, Phineas. Private, Capt. John Hartwell's co., Col. Nicholas Dike's regt.; muster roll for Dec., 1776-Feb., 1777; credited to town of Shirley; enlisted Dec. 14, 1776; reported sick in hospital in Jan., 1777; regiment raised to serve until March 1, 1777. 

Whitney, Phineas. Receipt dated Harvard, May 7, 1781, for bounty paid said Whitney by the committee of a class of the town of Harvard to serve in the Continental Army for the term of 3 years; also, descriptive list of men raised in Worcester Co. to serve in the Continental Army, agreeable to resolve of Dec. 2, 1780, as returned by Seth Washburn, Superintendent; Capt. Ballard's co., Col. Whitney's regt.; age, 23 yrs.; stature, 5 ft. 11 in.; complexion, dark; occupation, farmer; engaged for town of Harvard; engaged March 7, 1781; term, 3 years. 

Volume 17, page 255
Whitney, Phineas. Private, Capt. Francis Willson's co., Col. Danforth Keyes's regt.; service from Dec. 1, 1777, to date of discharge, Jan. 3, 1778, 1 mo. 3 days. Roll dated Providence.

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