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John Lock Hart and Sarah


John Lock Hart was born on September 20, 1832 in Townsend, Massachusetts.  John married Sarah Ann Haniford, 16 years of age, at Townsend, on Nov. 11, 1854.  Sarah Haniford was born in Smithfield, Maine.  She was the daughter of Stephen and Betsey Haniford.


Mr Hart resided at Townsend, Massachusetts.  He was employed in a steam mill, where he was killed by an explosion, May 26, 1862.

Children born to John Lock Hart and Sarah Ann Hartford Hart:

Sarah Elizabeth Hart Born October 16, 1855 Townsend, Massachusetts Died as a child
Died October 12, 1858 Townsend, Massachusetts
Henry Lock Hart Born January 5, 1861 Townsend Harbor, Massachusetts Married at Boston, by Rev. John Hood, April 8, 1885, Penelope McPherson, age 24 years, b. at Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia), daughter of Dugal and Jessie McPherson.
Died May 14, 1950 Lexington, Massachusetts

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