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Thomas and Phoebe Hartt


Phoebe Phillips Hartt

Thomas Harttwas born in 1771 in Sunbury County, New Brunswick to Thomas and Sarah Hawkes. 


At the age of 32, on August 23, 1803, in Maugerville, Sunbury County, New Brunswick, Thomas married Phoebe Phillips of Oromocto Falls.  Phoebe was born in Essex County, New Jersey, in 1776, to Thomas Phillips and Phoebe Bedford.  Phoebe's parents were United Empire Loyalists who had come from Gagetown to the north branch of the Oromocto River.  


Thomas died on December 1, 1853.  Phoebe died on December 24, 1856, in  Sunbury Co., New Brunswick.  Both Thomas and Phoebe are buried in Gladstone Cemetery, Fredericton Junction, Sunbury Co., New Brunswick.   

Children born to Thomas Hartt and Phoebe Phillips Hartt:

David Hartt Born 1805   Married (1) Margaret Coy and (2) Charlotte Jane Estey on Oct. 22, 1851
Died 1893  
Rebecca Hartt Born 1806 Sunbury County, NB Married David Longfellow Kelly (1784-1852); at least one child: Hannah M. Kelly
Died 1876  
Phoebe Hartt Born January 27, 1809   Married Daniel Edward Smith on December 18, 1835.
Died January 27, 1883  
Josephus Hartt Born 1810    
Aaron Hartt Born 1811   Married (1) Levina Tracy, and (2) Mary Jane Alexander on May 4, 1848.
Died 1868  
Sarah Hartt Born August 25, 1815   Married William Edward Perley (1815-1899) on April 13, 1837
Died March 11, 1885 Blissville, New Brunswick
Thomas Endicott Hartt Born August 25, 1818   Married (1) Adeline Perley (1821-1873) on Apr. 10, 1839 and (2) Elizabeth Peabody, born in 1834.
Died September 29, 1890  
Matilda Jane Hartt Born 1823   Married, after Caroline's death, James Slipp (1829-1858)
Died 1901  
Mary Ann Hartt Born 1825    
Died 1891  
Elizabeth Hartt Born 1825 Fredericton Junction, NB Married David H. Smith (1828-1917)
Died April 24, 1901 Fredericton Junction, NB
Caroline J. Hartt Born 1829   Married James Slipp (see Matilda Jane, above) on January 16, 1856.
Died 1856  
Mehosbel (Maria) M. Hartt Born 1830   Married (1) Jared Smith on December 30, 1849, and (2) Charles Smith
Died 1876  
Alan Hartt Born      


Rebecca Hartt and David Longfellow Kelly had at least one daughter, Hannah M. Kelly, who married a Captain John S. Kelly.  Hannah and the Captain had seven children (four listed here): Mrs. J.T. Jewett, Miss Olive V. Kelly, D.E. Kelly, W.H. Kelly.  Two grandsons are listed: Pennell C. Kelly of Ft. Stockton, Texas; and Curtis H. Kelly of Chicago.  One great grandson is listed: Pennell C. Kelly, Jr.

Caroline J. Hartt and James L. Slipp had an infant daughter who died on December 3, 1856, in Blissville, NB.

Mehosbel "Maria" Hartt and Jared Smith had six children: Judson D. Smith (1851-1878), Jannie Smith (1852), William B. Smith (1852-1852), Thomas H. Smith (1855-1855), Jared I. Smith, and Floretta Smith (1858-1872).  Judson D. Smith married Mary Elizabeth Sewell (Horatio Nelson , Nicholas, Dominicus), born about 1852, on February 27, 1872.  Judson was born June 4, 1851.  Judson and Mary had two children.  Daughter:  Carrie Smith, married Malcolm Burnham Sewell, son of Nelson Sewell and Eliza Ann Crandlemire.  Malcolm was born March 27, 1867; he died July 8, 1948.  Son:  Edmund Smith.

Mehosbel " Maria" Hartt and Charles Smith had six children: Charles J. Smith (1861-1944), Phoebe S. Smith (1863-1874), Sarah B. Smith (1865-1866), Hattie Smith (Jan. 26, 1868 - Oct. 24, 1931), James E. Smith (1869-1939), and Birdon L. (1872-1875).  Hattie Smith married (1) Wesley Nason, after his wife -- Carrie Smith, daughter of Elizabeth Hartt and David Smith -- died, he later died of a heart attack; (2) Parker Asa Nason after 1903.  Parker had been married before and already had 8 children. 

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