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Charles Nelson Hart and Sarah


Charles Nelson Hart. was born in Lynnfield, Massachusetts on August 10, 1835.  He was the fourth son of Joseph Hart Jr. and Harriet D. Clark Hart.


On November 3, 1859, Charles married Sarah Kembley Estes of Ipswich, Massachusetts, daughter of James and Experience J. (Wilson) Estes.

Mr. Hart, a farmer, resided in Lynnfield.  In 1884, he moved to Belleview, Florida.


In the following excerpt from a letter dated January 10, 1974 and written by Mary Louise Hart Pletsch and sent to Elizabeth Hart Marlowe, we gain additional insight into the Charles Nelson Hart family:


”Charles Hart, If I remember correctly was one of your great grandfathers brothers. I think it was his picture that hung in your mother's living room to the right just as you entered the room. He married a Sarah Estes- who was a spiritualist- they did a bit of roaming around as I remember and she was always communing with the spirit of some relative or other. That’s our tie with the Estes family. It will tell about their children in the Hart Genealogy book- but they must all be dead by now and with no clues it would be hard to find them. The family or families we really could find are a generation later. There was a George Pierpont Hart who was a cousin of my father’s-good grief- I guess he was a son of Charles we were talking about. He said my father inherited the Lynnfield farm. George Pierpont sold his share to my father-your grandpa-because he lived in Danbury, Virginia-he ran a printing business there and had 2 sons which were your mother's cousins, one was named Parker-the other named Murray Hart. Either one or both of them could still be alive or have children.” 

-- Mary Louise Hart Pletsch, January 10, 1974

Children born to Charles Nelson Hart and Sarah Kembley Estes Hart:

Ruth Estes Hart Born July 3, 1862 Lynnfield, Massachusetts Died as an infant
Died July 13, 1862 Lynnfield, Massachusetts
George Pierpont Estes Hart Born January 14, 1864 Ipswich, Massachusetts Married Margaret Crowell Hogg at St. Myers, Florida, on Jan. 31, 1897.
Died   Miami, Florida

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