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Aaron and Levina Hartt


Farming in New Brunswick

Aaron Hartt was born, in 1811, to Thomas and Phoebe Phillips Hartt.  Aaron was married twice; first, to Levina Tracy and, second, to Margaret (Mary) Jane Alexander.  


Levina Tracy was the last principal at Mount Bleak Academy.  She was born on October 4, 1817.  Aaron and Levina had a daughter, Levina Emilina, in 1840.  She, later, married David Duplisea.  Levina and David raised a girl by the name of Mamie DeWitt.  Mamie married a Bunker that had property at Tracy Station, N.B.

After Levina Tracy Hartt died, Aaron married Margaret (Mary) Jane Alexander on May 4, 1848.  Mary Jane was born, in 1827,  the only daughter of Thomas Alexander (1773-1868) and Jane Little Alexander (1774-1868).  Both of Mary Jane's parents were born in Ireland.  Mary Jane and Aaron were married on May 12, 1848, by Elder Abner Mersereau.


Aaron was a farmer and lumberman.  He built the first homestead erected on the present-day Don Byers property.  The original house was built on high ground near the bank of the North Branch of the Oromocto.  The farm, much of which was flooded annually during the spring freshets, extended to "the Forks" of the river.  The house was often surrounded by water and accessible only by boat.  Later, the old house was moved from the river to be used as a shed when a new house was built.  They found the walls insulated with sheets of birch bark, a common practice years ago.  -- Courtesy of Dewitt, Katherine and Norma Alexander, Days of Old: History of Fredericton Junction.


Aaron died in 1868.  Aaron , Mary Jane Hartt , Thomas and Jane Alexander  are buried in Gladstone Cemetery.


Note:  According to the 1861 census, the family had an eleven-year-old servant boy named Samuel Tucker.

Child born to Aaron Hartt and Levina Tracy Hartt:

Levina Emmeline Born 1840 Fredericton Junction, NB Married David Deupleasea (Duplisea) on September 23, 1858. 


Children born to Aaron Hartt and Margaret (Mary) Jane Alexander Hartt:

Annie Jane Born February 2, 1849 Fredericton Junction, NB  
Died 1887  
Phoebe Levina Born 1851 Fredericton Junction, NB Single; moved to Creelman, Sask., with William Dell; moved to St. Andrews when he died; buried in the Blissville Cemetery.
Died February 12, 1935 St. Andrews, N.B.
Angeline Born   Fredericton Junction, NB Died as an infant
William Dell Born 1856 Fredericton Junction, NB Single; inherited the family farm, company commander with 71st Infantry Regiment; moved to Creelman, Sask. with Phoebe.
Died 1923 Creelman, Saskathewan
Thomas Aaron Born October 31, 1858 Fredericton Junction, NB Married Alice Maud Greenlaw (1861-1927) on September 19, 1882
Died July 13, 1930 St. Andrews, NB
John Alexander Born May 29, 1861 Fredericton Junction, NB Died at 21 years of age.
Died May 16, 1882  
Samuel Whitfield Born April 28, 1863 Fredericton Junction, NB MD, Seattle area; trained at College of Phys. and Surg. in Baltimore; grad. Mar. 13, 1889
Died July 13, 1930  
Mary Etta Born April 20, 1866 Fredericton Junction, NB Married Gilman King Greenlaw on September 4, 1889; she was a school teacher in Fredericton
Died December 5, 1913  

Notes:  Levina Hartt and David Duplisea raised a girl, Mamie DeWitt, who married a Bunker; he had property in Tracy Station, New Brunswick.

Samuel Whitfield Hartt won the Nicholson Prize (in anatomy) awarded by Professor Richard Gundry.

A William Dell Hartt married Robina G. Kelly on April 22, 1903, in York County, New Brunswick; it isn't know if that is the same William Dell Hartt listed above.

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