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Nathaniel Hart and Lydia White


Nathaniel Hart was born in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, on September 27, 1768.  He was the youngest son of Samuel Hart Jr. and Mary Fuller.


Nathaniel was a shoemaker by trade.


Nathaniel married Lydia White in 1794.  Lydia, born on October 18, 1768, in Leomister, Massachusetts, was the daughter of John White.  Nathaniel and Lydia had seven children.


Nathaniel died March 4, 1841.  Lydia died on October 3, 1840.

Children born to Nathaniel Hart and Lydia White:

Lucinda White Hart Born October 8, 1795 Westmoreland, New Hampshire Married C. Colwell; they lived in Watertown, New York.  Six children.  See notes below.
Died August 23, 1862  
Samuel Hart Born December 28, 1797 Westmoreland, New Hampshire Married Betsy ___; she died on October 19, 1865.  See notes below.
Died August 17, 1857 Canada
Jemima White Hart Born November 17, 1800 Westmoreland, New Hampshire Married Columbus Albee; they lived in Oxford, New Hampshire.  Four children.  See notes below.
Died June 18, 1875  
John L. Hart Born December 19, 1805 Westmoreland, New Hampshire No record of marriage; a fur trader in the west.
Died September 2, 1853 Buffalo, New York
Eliza White Hart Born January 3, 1810 Westmoreland, New Hampshire Married Joseph Comins; four children  See notes below.
Died December 13, 1857 Canada
Almon P. Hart Born August 11, 1812 Westmoreland, New Hampshire Married Olive Prime, of Swanzey, NH, in 1837.  See notes below.
Died April 4, 1862 Duquion, Illinois
Sarah White Hart Born October 28, 1815 Westmoreland, New Hampshire Married Philip Babb Holmes, a carpenter, in 1842.  He died on January 10, 1891.  See notes below.
Died July 29, 1891 Greenland, New Hampshire


Lucinda White Hart and her husband, C. Colwell, had six children: James H. Colwell, Chillingworth Colwell, Eliza J. Colwell, Caroline Colwell, Emily M. Colwell, Lafayette Colwell, and Trueman Colwell.

Samuel Hart and his wife, Betsy, had three children:  Solon B. Hart; George Hart, moved to New Mexico; and Andrew Hart, born January 1830, died, in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1850.

Jemima White Hart and Columbus Albee had four children:  Charles Albee, Albert C. Albee, Eliza H. Albee, and Joseph Albee.  Joseph Albee died in infancy.

Eliza White Hart and Joseph Comins had four children:  Addison E. Comins, Chillingworth C. Comins, Sarah Comins, and Lester Comins.

Almon P. Hart (a leather dresser) and his wife, Olive Prime, had four children:  Mary O. Hart, Agnes E. Hart, Cora B. Hart, and Almon Hart.

Sarah White Hart and Philip Babb Holmes had at least five children:  George Baker Holmes, Sarah Frances Holmes, Edwin Holmes, Nathaniel Willard Holmes, and Ernest Holmes.  

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