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Aaron Hartt

Alice Mary Hartt Rose 

Arthur Eugene Mellen 

Bedford J. Hartt

Bedford Smith

Bertha (Hartt) Cheney

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Carl Victor Hartt

Caroline Bridges Hartt

Caroline Hartt Syson

Cecil Rose

Charles Frederick Hartt

Dahlmer Michael White

David Neil Hartt

David Roy Hartt

Donald R. Hartt

Dr. Elizabeth Secord

Dr. Thomas Phillips Jr.

Earl R. Mellen

Edward N. Hartt

Edward Raye Hartt

F. Thomas Fordham

Ethel Harriet Hartt

Florence Adams Hartt

Frank and Florence Hartt

Gerald Hartt

Hannah M. Kelly

Harold Cheney

Helen Lockhart Clark

Homer Bryan Okey

Irma Mavis (Webb) Hartt

Jarvis W. Hartt

John Hartt

John Kelly Hartt

Joseph Roy Hartt

Judah Frank Hartt

Lillian M. (Cheney) (Yeomans) Craven

Lloyd R. Hartt

Margaret Jane Pugh

Mary Alberta Hartt Johnson

Mary Etta (Hartt) Greenlaw

Mary Helena Greenlaw

Mildred (Cheney) Lunn

Minnie Pearl Spragg Hartt

Miss Jessie A. Hartt

Odber Raymond Hartt Jr.

Pearl (Hartt) Robertson

Phoebe L. Hartt

Phoebe Smith Hartt

Rev. Aaron Hartt

Rev. Henry Hartt

Rev. John Hartt

Rev. Samuel Hartt Jr.

Richard Mackley Syson

Rupert Greenlaw

Thomas Byron Hartt

William Dell Hartt

William Hazen

1700 - 1799

1800 - 1849

1850 - 1899

1900 - 1949

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 Listed in Order of Birth Year 

1700 - 1799

1786 –1868

Rev. Aaron Hartt was born 1786 at Maugerville, Sunbury, New Brunswick. He was a son of Rev. Samuel Hartt Sr. and wife Mary Estabrooks. 

He married Charlotte Estey b. 1785-1868 in about 1811 in Kingsclear, York. N.B. They had the following children: Rev. Jarvis, Richard, Aaron, Mary E., Frances Ruth, Charlotte, Hannah and Jane or June.

Rev. Aaron died April 26, 1868 and was buried in Dumfires, Cemetery, up river from Kingsclear.

1799 - 1867            Picture:  Samuel and Mary

Samuel was a son of Rev. Samuel & Clarissa Hartt.Sr. He was born April 23, 1799. Died Jan 16, 1867.in Upper Brighton. He married Mary Elizabeth Estey, October 17, 1822.

Rev. Samuel Hartt Jr. and his wife Mary Elizabeth Estey lived at Kingsclear and Jacksontown, New Brunswick. The farm was in the Hartt name 100 yrs (1967) at Jacksontown. N.B. Rev. Samuel was a clergyman and was by the testimony of everyone who knew him a man of wonderful force of character.

"Taken from the Religious Intelligencer" of yesterday we gather a few particulars relative to the life and labors of Rev. Samuel Hartt, recently decease. He was born in 1799 and was consequently about 68 years of age at the time of his death which took place at Brighton (Carleton Co.) In his early life, he was instructed in the doctrines of the highest school of Calvinism, but having strong doubts to the correctness of the doctrine then held, was led to separate himself from the Calvinist Baptist body and commence his labors as an evangelist outside the connection. His labors contributed more largely than that of any other to the formation of the Free Church Baptist denomination which was organized at Victoria Corner (Carleton Co.) in 1833. Mr. Hartt was an earnest laborer for the ministry, visiting every section of New Brunswick as well as portions of the U.S. and Nova Scotia. Written in 1867

Buried in Lower Waterville United Baptist Cemetery, Founded 1840, Restored 1988 Waterville, Carleton County.

His gravestone is a very large white marble obelisk-shaped stone. Inscription on his stone reads, " Elder Samuel Hartt died Jan 16, 1867 aged 67 years. This monument was erected by the members and friends of the Free Christian Baptist Denomination in New Brunswick. The purpose of his life was to glorify God through Jesus Christ in the salvation of mankind. He was eminently ----to his calling and his works follow him.

1800 - 1849

1812 -1873

Jarvis Hartt was born July 12, 1812 at Kingsclear, York, New Brunswick. He was the son of Rev. Samuel Sr. and Mary Estabrooks. He married Prudance Boardman Brown. Their children were: Anette, Prudence, Jennie, Mabel, Emma, Prof. Charles Frederick, Geo LeBaron, Sarah.

 "Our citizens were grieved to learn of the death of Jarvis W. Hartt, Principal of the Young Ladies High School (St. John) which took place at the residence of Joseph Read, Leinster St. where he had been boarding since the destruction of his house on Dorchester St. by fire in April. Mr. Hartt’s family have been quite scattered since the fire. Mrs. Hartt being on a visit to her sons at Utica, New York and one of his daughters being on her way to Halifax and others on the way to the country for a visit so that not a member of his family was present at the sad moment of his decease. An inquest was held on the body yesterday. Verdict " Died from natural causes." Funeral was held Wed. 2 p.m. from residence of his son-in-law J.W. Harrington, corner Queen and Pitt Sts. St. John. He was buried in the Fern hill Cemetery, Westmoreland Road." Taken from Vital Stats.

1817-1890                Picture:   Dr. Thomas Phillips Jr. and Anna Phillips

Doctor Phillips died at his home in Clayband township, Oceana County, Michigan on 8 December 1890 at the age of 73 years.

He was born in New Brunswick 4 April 1817 and was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hartt) Phillips who moved to Michigan in 1849. Thomas and Elizabeth married on October 27, 1802 in Gagetown, N.B. (Thomas married Ada Grow later). Elizabeth was born May 14, 1787 in Granville Township, N.S. and died between 1850 and 1860.

In 1847 the Doctor went to Oceana and after a year he went to White Lake near Whitehall. With John Hanson, Walter Duke and others they explored the shores and the interior of what is now Oceana County and finding lands that were in every way satisfactory for settlements.

Early in the summer of 1849 he came back with his family to Claybank. He built the first sawmill in the county at a place called Stoney Creek. After settling in Claybank he farmed and practiced medicine.

He married Emeline Bowman on the 13 July 1845 wit whom he had seven children, six boys and one daughter. His wife Emeline died the 27 April 1874. He then married Anna Maria Haggerty (Widow) on the 8 May 1874 eleven days after the death of Emeline. Anna Marrie Haggerty’s maiden name was Vanderventer. born 16 Nov. 1821 – 7 Feb. 1897.


Wm Dell Hartt, aged 77 years. died at his residence at Woodstock, N.B., on Sunday morning, May 25th , 1903 of paralysis. Bro. Hartt was the second son of the late Rev. Samuel Hartt. He was born at Kingsclear, York, Co. but when 5 years old his father moved to Simonds, Carleton Co and later Fourth Tier, Jacksontown. He was converted early in life and united with the Free Christian Baptist church at Third Tier, Jacksontown, and endeavored to live godly. He married Miss Lucinda Loomer, of Jacksontown, by whom he had four children, three daughters and one boy. The mother and two children died some time ago, leaving the daughters, Nellie and Laura, who survive him. He resided for about 20 years in all at Upper Woodstock; where at one time he was a merchant. About a year and a half ago the family moved to Woodstock, where he died. Bro Hartt was always a strong, rugged man, but about 7 years ago he injured his foot, which caused blood poisoning, and about 5 years al he was attacked with a creeping paralysis, which made him an invalid. Bro. Hart was a man of more than ordinary intelligence, a great reader, and having a good memory he often quoted the saying of Plato, Socrates, Shakespeare, the poets. Etc. When the doctrine of full salvation was agitated in 1882, he accepted it, and was a bold defender of this blessed experience. Having moved to Upper Woodstock for the second time, he united with the Reformed Baptist Church there, and on moving to Woodstock Church, of which he was a member at his death.

Though suffering much from weakness, he never kept his bed till about 10 days before his death. He bore his long illness with patience and resignation to the will of his heavenly Father, and fell peacefully asleep in Jesus.

His funeral took place on the 27th and was attended by this writer. His body was buried at the Old Burying Grounds at Third Tier, where his father, mother, brother, sister, wife, two children and other relatives lie.

Only four brothers out of a large family of seven and four sisters survive him, namely:--Rev. John Hartt of Me.; Rev. Henry Hartt of Jacksontown, Rev. Aaron Hartt and Mr. Judah Hartt at present of Montana U.S.A.


Rev. John Hartt was born to Rev. Samuel Jr. and wife Mary (Estey) Hartt on March 20, 1830 in Wakefield, Carleton Co., New Brunswick. He was one of eleven children, having had four sisters and six brothers. Elder John Hartt was a Primitive Baptist in New Brunswick, Maine and Nova Scotia. Two of his brothers were also in the Ministry; Aaron, a Free Christian Baptist and Reformed Baptist; and Henry, a Free Christian Baptist and Primitive Baptist.


Rev. John married Clarissa (Calarisfa) E. Hammond on December 24, 1857 in New Brunswick.  Calarisfa was born in December of 1823 in Victoria Co., New Brunswick.   To this union they had one child, a daughter, Irene Hammond Hartt.  Little Irene was born October 3, 1858 and died as a young infant on October 31. 1858. Calarisfa Hartt died only a few years after her daughter on Aug 5, 1862 at the age of 39.

Rev. John Hartt married a second time to Amanda Caroline Kelly on August 8, 1868 in Alva Arrostook. Maine.  Amanda was born in Blissville, Sunbury Co., New Brunswick.  Amanda gave birth to a son, Judah Frank Hartt, on June 29, 1869 and died about five weeks later, on August 2, 1869, at Castle Hill, Arrostook, Maine.


Rev. John married a third time on February 8, 1870 in Maple Grove Ft. Fairfield, Arrostock, Maine.  His third wife, Rebecca L. Kelly, was a sister to Amanda, his second wife.  One can only imagine that he needed help raising young Judah and that Rebecca would be a natural for this role.  Rebecca and Rev. John had another son, John Kelly Hartt, on May 13, 1871 in Maine or Ft. Fairfield Arrostook, Maine.


John joined the second Wakefield Free Christian Baptist church in 1854 and was chosen deacon in 1858.  By 1867 he was traveling with the ministers to remote settlements in Victoria Co. N.B.  He was ordained probably in Maine, C.1870's.  It is said he was also a Justice of the Peace. In 1878 he attended the yearly meetings of the Free Baptist General Conference, (organized by George W. Orser who was forerunner of the Primitive Baptists.  In January, 1879 he helped them ordain a minister, then joined Orser's group and became one of their leading ministers. He spent some years in Nova Scotia and gathered at least two churches at  Kemptville and East River both in Yarmouth County.  He had revivals at both places.


John Hartt had a remarkable memory. He could recite portions of the New Testament by heart. Those who knew Hartt said he was a forceful speaker, who was capable of dealing with any opposition or disturbance that arose when he was preaching.  Some elderly converts of Hartt's related that on one occasion he paused while baptizing converts to address some young men whose rude and loud remarks were disturbing the people.  Such was the effect of his words, that some of the young men came to him soon
afterward to ask his forgiveness.

John died February 6, 1904.  He is buried in Larlee Creek Cemetery in Victoria County, which is in the northern part of New Brunswick.



Cathy Hartt - great-granddaughter of Elder John Hartt and his 3rd. wife, Rebecca L. Kelly.
Excerpts from "Biographical Directory of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
"Free Baptist Ministers and Preachers" by Rev. Frederick C. Burnett 
New Brunswick Gazetteer - re Wakefield, Carleton County, New Brunswick
Janice Stelma - Research volunteer - Yarmouth County Museum, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.


1836- 1927

Mrs. Hannah M. Kelly passed away December 4, 1912 a beautiful Sabbath morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.T. Jewett, Robstown, Texas.  She was born in Sunbury County in the province of New Brunswick, July 1, 1835. Her parents were Rebecca (Hartt) & David Longfellow Kelly. She taught a few terms of school before her marriage in 1857 to Capt. John S. Kelly.  With him she made several voyages to the West Indies, In 1859 they came to Dodge county, Wisconsin, where they made a home together.  Seven children were theirs, four of whom survive, Mrs. J. T. Jewett, Miss Olive V. Kelly of Robstown, Texas, D. E. Kelly of Madison, W. H. Kelly of Fort Atkinson.  Three grandsons also survive her, Pennell C. Kelly of Ft. Stockton, Texas, Curtis H. Kelly of Chicago, and a great-grandson, Pennell C. Kelly Jr. 

She united with the church when about 16 yrs of age.  She was a member of the First Congregational church of this city nearly 40 yrs, having joined with her family soon after removing to Whitewater that her sons might have the advantages afforded by the state normal school.

She was active in club life and was a member of the chautauqua scientific and literary circle receiving her diploma in the early 90's.  She was a member of the Junto club and their parting gift to her in 1911 was warmly cherished.  At the time of her death she was a beloved honorary member of the Alpha Literary Club of Robstown, Texas.  She was also a member of the Order of the Eastern Star. She was an active member of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union for nearly 40 yrs.  During her long residence in this city she rarely missed a church service. The mid-week prayer meeting was dear to her.  Largely to her efforts was due the organization of the S. S. class called "The Helpers".

Since 1911 she has been here at intervals spending the most of the time with her daughter in Robstown, Texas where she greatly endeared herself to a large circle of friends, many of whom were among the younger people of the community.  At the advanced age of 92 her interest in life was vital.  In June 1926, she went with her daughter, Miss Olive V. Kelly to her childhood home in New Brunswick, Canada.  She also visited relatives in several of the eastern states and in October came to Wisconsin to visit her sons and her friends in various places.  She returned to Robstown, Texas last January in the same good health which she enjoyed during her trip.  She loved her friends both near and far away.  Many were the tokens of love from near-by friends.  Letters from absent ones and the "Whitewater Register" were eagerly read.  A friend in writing her said "One thing I have always had in mind and spoken of so often, she always spoke well of everyone and seemed to see the good in all with whom she came in contact.

The funeral was held at the M.E. Church, South Robstown, Texas and was largely attended.  The floral offering was large and exquisite, the singing was sympathetic and comforting; the sermon by her beloved pastor, the Rev. K. W. Spellman, was a fitting eulogy for her long and useful life.

At the close of this service all that was mortal was brought to Dodge county, Wisconsin accompanied by Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Jewett and Miss Olive V. Kelly.  Upon arriving at Burnett the remains were taken to the home of Mrs. Ella J. Clifford, where beautiful flowers from relatives and friends had been sent.

Here a short service was conducted by the Rev. Robbins of Beaver Dam. 

About sun down in the presence of her sorrowing family and old time friends, after a prayer by the minister she was laid to rest by the side of her husband who died in 1876.  Her beautiful life is a treasured memory to those who knew her. Her influence will never cease.  May the memory of her consecrated life rest a benediction upon us all.


Source: Dictionary of Canadian Biography, volume 10 (University of Toronto Press)

Charles Frederick Hartt was the eldest son of Jarvis William and Prudence Brown. Born 1840 in Fredericton, N.B., Educated at Horton Academy, Wolfville, N.S., and at Acadia College, N.S. He also taught a year at the Young Ladies High School in St. John. Later went to Cambridge to study in the Agassiz Museum, (Geology).

He married Miss Lucy Lynde of Buffalo, New York in 1869. They had two children, Mary and Rolyn. Both were writers.

He was man of unusual abilities. From an early age C. Fred Hartt (as he was usually known) manifested geology and paleontology, and he made extensive collections in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

In 1862 he was appointed one of the geologist of the Thayer expedition to Brazil. .In 1868 he was appointed Professor of Natural History in Vassar College and Head of the Department of Geology in Cornell University. He was also a skilled linguist and an authority on the legendary lore of all countries. His success was due to his natural ability and untiring industry.

Brazil was his greatest interest. In 1870 he organized the largest of his expeditions, taking with him another professor and 11 Cornell students. On this and a subsequent expedition he worked in the Amazonas. In 1874 he submitted a proposition to the Brazilian government for a geological survey of Brazil. And in 1875 the Geological Commission of the Empire of Brazil was organized with Professor Hartt as its chief. For the next three years he directed expeditions working in many parts of the country and set up a museum to house all the scientific specimens collected.

In the spring of 1878, when he returned to Rio de Janeiro after an exhausting inland expedition, he died of yellow fever at the age of 38, cutting short a brilliant career.

He is remembered as a broad-minded naturalist. It is not difficult to sum up Hartt’s influence upon geological work in Brazil, for with very few exceptions all the work of this character which has been done in that country since 1874 is traceable, either directly or indirectly, to the impetus given it by Hartt.




Rev. Aaron Hartt, aged 83 years, a veteran preacher in the Church of the Nazarene, went to be with Jesus on Saturday morning, November 10, 1934 from his home in South Weymouth, Mass.  Brother Hartt was ill for several weeks but was marvelously sustained by God in his affliction.  He triumphed over all.  He leaves a sorrowing wife, Helen (Libby) Hartt, who walked by his side for fifty-six years; and five children:  Julius of Hartford, Conn: Mrs.Minnie Norris of Brockton, Mass, Mrs. Helen Gleason of Woodstock, Ontario. Guy of South Weymouth, Mass and Rev. Bertrand of Groton, South Dakota.  All but the last named were present at their father’s dying bed and at the funeral, which was held from his late home in South Weymouth, Mass.


The floral offerings were beautiful.  The service was in charge of Rev. S. W. Beers, superintendent of the new England District: Revs A. B. Riggs and W.E. Smith made short addresses.


Brother Hartt was well known in New Brunswick having been born in Jacksontown, New Brunswick.  He was a son of Rev. & Mrs. Samuel Hartt  Jr.  He was converted in early life, but coming to New England drifted into a backslidden state, from which he was wonderfully reclaimed and later gloriously sanctified.  He went back to the Province in the 1880’s and preached Holiness in the Free Christian Baptist Conference, which ministry culminated in the founding of the Reformed Baptist denomination.  A multitude will rise up in the Day of Judgment to call him blessed.


He was a rugged strong, effective……..(the rest has been lost over the years).

First Woman Physician in New Brunswick
1841-1916                    Picture:  Dr. Secord                    

Dr. Elizabeth Secord, the first duly qualified and registered lady physician in New Brunswick, if not all of Canada, passed away at her home, Farmerston, Carleton county, New Brunswick, Tuesday evening at the age of 72 years.  Dr. Secord had been in failing health for some years.  Her indomitable spirit and vigorous constitution stood her in good stead and the inroads of disease, true to the life principles of the sufferer, were resisted to the last.    Dr. Secord has an extensive family and personal connection in different parts of the province and news of her death brings a sense of sorrow and of regret that the life work of this greathearted woman is finished.  Dr. Secord was formerly, Miss Smith, a daughter of the late Daniel Smith of Blisssville N.B. and taught school before her marriage to the late John Secord of Norton N.B.  Left a widow in early middle age she conveyed the idea of becoming a doctor and studied at Keeokok, Michigan, in Dublin University and in the leading London Hospitals.  In face of somewhat bitter opposition she was registered as a certified physician in New Brunswick in June 1883.  Since that time up to the last few months she has practiced the profession she loved.  She practiced first at Fredericton Junction, then at Norton, later removing to Farmerston and wherever she went she made devoted friends, bringing as well the gift of healing to many an ailing one.  She kept in step with the advance of medical science.

She always possessed the courage of her convictions and commanded the respect of fellow practitioners. 

She was an earnest Christian worker, being prominently identified with the old Free Baptist church and later with the United Baptists and the Women's Missionary Society.  The great sorrow of her life was the death of her only son soon after he had completed a brilliant college course.  She did not allow this to interfere with the great purpose of her life which was to bring health to the ailing and comfort to the distressed in soul.

Dr. Secord, is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Henry Hartt (Phebe) and Mrs. Olive M. Smith of Carleton county and two brothers: Daniel E.  Smith and William D. Smith of Blissville.  Mrs. L.R. Webb and Mrs. Luther B. Smith of the west side are nieces.  Stanley K. Smith, a city editor of the Daily Telegraph, is a nephew.

The funeral will be held this morning at Blissville at 10:30 a.m.  Interment in the Baptist cemetery.

1843 - 1920                Picture:  Henry Hartt Family     Phoebe

Mrs. Phoebe Hartt, widow of the late Henry Hartt, passed to her eternal home on February 14, 1920 from her home in Jacksontown, N.B. at the age of 76 years.  She was the daughter of Daniel & Phoebe (Hartt) Smith

Our departed sister was an outstanding personality in the church and community, always deeply interested in any work that was for the betterment of conditions.  A loyal, devoted and intelligent servant of the Master, she was especially interested in the Women's Missionary Society of the Free Baptist Conference.  Since the union her work has been largely with the local society and the Second District.  She was a life-long worker in the Sunday school and taught her class until a few weeks of her death. She was a woman of strong faith and a sincere believer in the power of prayer.  She has wrought a work that can only be known to the Master Himself.  She has gone to the reward full of years and good works. 

She leaves to mourn two daughters and one son, Mrs. Hazen, a missionary in Bombay, India; Mrs. R.M. Syson of Alberta, and Bedford at home.  Funeral was conducted by her pastor, Rev. L.A. Fenwick, February 19, 1920.

1844 -1918            Picture:  Henry Hartt Family

Rev. Henry Hartt passed away at his home in Jacksontown , N.B. on March 30, 1918 aged 74 years. He is the son of Rev. Samuel Jr. & Mary Hartt.

His death was unexpected and came as a shock to family and community.  The late Mr. Hartt had been a minister of the Gospel for nearly 39 years, having been ordained in the ministry of the Free Baptists in 1879.  His ministry was largely in the upper part of the province, although some time was spent on Grand Manan.  His many friends will feel the loss. 

He is survived by his wife Phoebe and two daughters.  Mrs. Wm Hazen, a missionary in India, Mrs. Richard Syson of Stettler, Alberta, and one son Bedford at home.  The funeral was held on Monday, the Rev. A. L. Fenwick officiating.

1849-1915            Picture:  Bedford Smith

Word was received in the city yesterday of the death of Bedford H. Smith, son of Phoebe (Hartt) & Daniel Smith of New Brunswick. Bedford for many years was a Customs Collector at Nanaimo, B.C. He graduated from the University of New Brunswick and a native of Blissville, Sunbury Co. Mr. Smith had enjoyed good health right up to the day of his death and was sitting in his home quietly reading on Sunday evening when the call came.

Mr. Smith was in the 67th year of his age and had been in the West for more than thirty years. He graduated from the U.N.B. in 1876 and later took his M.A. degree. For some years he was teaching in the province and was principal of the old Sheffield Academy, attended by many men who have achieved prominence. He entered the service of the Government soon after going to British Columbia and had been chief collector at Nanaimo for years.

Mr. Smith will be remembered by many friends among the older generation of the province as a courteous agreeable kindly gentlemen and a most wonderful companion. In the West he came to be regarded as one of Nanaimo’s leading citizens, prominent in many of the city’s activities. As treasurer of the First Presbyterian Church there he had an honorable record.

Mr. Smith was twice married. His second wife, who survives him was Mrs. Mary McKenzie. By his first wife leaves three children Mrs. Mackenzie, Burness and Eric Redveres at home. Two brothers and three sisters also survive. They are Daniel E., W. Dell of Blissville. Dr. E.C. Secord, Mrs. Henry Hartt and Miss Olive M. Smith all of Carleton County. The funeral will be held tomorrow in Nanaimo.B.C.

1850 - 1899







St. Andrews in New Brunswick. 12, 1835 Special:


The death of Miss Phoebe L. Hartt occurred Sunday evening at St. Andrews.  She was born 84 years ago at Fredericton Junction, daughter of Mary Jane Alexander and Aaron Hartt, and lived in Fredericton Junction until 1901, when her brother, Dell W. Hartt, where she remained until his death in 1923.  She came then to St. Andrews and had since resided here.


She is survived by several nieces and nephews.  Miss Hartt was a sister of the late Thomas Aaron Hartt, who for a number of years represented the County of Charlotte at Ottawa, Canada.


A short funeral service was conducted by Rev. W. Ideson at the home of a niece, Mrs. J. F. Worrell, after which the body, accompanied by Miss Maude Greenlaw, was taken to Fredericton Junction.  The pall bearers were : Dr. J F. Worrell, Harold Greenlaw, Ronald Hewitt and William J. Rollins.

Fredericton Junction, Feb. 14, 1935

Accompanied by her niece, Miss Maud Greenlaw, St. Andrews, the body of Miss Phoebe Hartt was brought on Monday from St. Andrews to her girl hood home here, for interment Tuesday. 


Miss Hartt, who was a member of the United Baptist Church at Fredericton Junction, was a woman of sweet Christian Character, her kindly nature endearing her to all who knew her. She was born and spent her girlhood at Fredericton Junction.  In her early womanhood keeping house for her brother, Dell Hartt, on the old farmstead.  Always a lover of flowers, she had a beautiful garden, in a day when country flower gardens were rare, and no visitor ever left her door without a nose gay.

In 1901, she left with her brother for Creelman, Saskatchewan, where he died in 1923, his body being brought home for burial.  In 1924, Miss Hartt came to New Brunswick to make her home with relatives in St. Andrews, where she had lived since and where she passed away Sunday evening.

Rev. H.G. Westrup conducted the service held at the United Baptist Church at Fredericton Junction Tuesday morning.  The choir sang, Pallbearers were P.W. Nason, H.H. Stuart, Winslow Scott and Henry McCracken.  Interment was made in the family lot, Gladstone Cemetery.


Surviving are three nieces: Mrs. J .F. Worrell and Miss Maud Greenlaw, St. Andrews, and Sister M. Regina, Mount Carmel Academe, Saint John, and four nephews:  Dr. Percy Hartt, Ishpeming, Michigan; Harold Greenlaw, St. Andrews; Will Greenlaw, Saskatchewan, and Rupert Greenlaw, Detroit, Michigan.





Funeral services were held Sunday for Edward N. Hartt who died Thursday (October 7, 1937) at his home north of Kingston of a heart ailment. He was born in Sanilac County in October, 1862 and came to Kingston at the age of twenty years. He held a number of township offices.  He was justice of peace for 41 years and a member 0f the Masonic lodge for the past twenty years.

Mr. Hartt married Miss Harriet Legg, at North Branch on April 5, 1887.  They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last April. He is survived by his widow Harriet and six children: Mrs. Ella Mapley of Pontiac, Mrs. Bessie Hopps of Highland Park, Miss Alice Hartt of Detroit, Ross and Barton of Detroit and Basil of Pontiac. Sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Burial was in the Kingston Cemetery.


Obituary from an unnamed Michigan newspaper.  Courtesy of Susan Hartt.  


1863 - 1919                Picture: Mary Alberta Hartt (young)   Mary Alberta Hartt

Mary Alberta was the daughter of Aaron Samuel Hartt (1820-1879) and Catherine Susanna Dayton (1828-1875).  Mary Alberta Hartt was born in Marysville, York Co. N.B. on July 3, 1863.  She graduated from the New Brunswick Teacher's college and taught school for a while. She moved to Lynn, Massachusetts, where she worked for a rubber company. 

On May, 20 1889, she married Carl Emil Johnson who was from Sweden, by whom she had a daughter, Silvia Grace Johnson, on January 1, 1890.  By 1893, that marriage had ended and she soon made a trip to Tacoma Washington where her sister Annie was.  Mary took a position as teacher in a new school in the Yelm school system. A one-room log school building, built by the gentleman who owned the property served as the school. She would teach at that school half-a-day and then ride her horse or horse and buggy to the nearby Nisqually Indian Reservation to teach the Indian Children.  She and her daughter, Silvia, roomed and boarded with a local family by the name of Mounts who boarded teachers of the area.  Silvia went to school at the school where Annie Hartt taught because a Mother could not teach her own children in her class.

Mary Alberta married John Johnson, also from Sweden and in 1898 gave birth to a son, Frank Dayton Johnson.  John, affectionately called "Boggy", was in the logging and construction business. They lived on a farm in the Yelm area until her death in 1919, and his in 1920. Mary Alberta loved music, and poetry, memorizing her favorite poems and even writing a few. She had a lovely voice and enjoyed playing the organ and singing with her family.

She and her son's wife, Eva Johnson who had received voice training, enjoyed any opportunity they had to sing together. Today there is a grandson, Teen Johnson, who enjoys singing with a Barbershop Quartet, and his son sings with an entertainment group, and the love for music lives on in her many descendants, down to her great-great-great-grandchildren.

Courtesy of Eva Miller

1865-1961                    Picture:   Bertha, Harold, Lillian, and Mildred Cheney

From a church bulletin of the First Church of the Nazarene in Lowell, Mass., March 19, 1961.   (Bertha is a daughter of Samuel [1828] and Mary Anne Hartt.)  

Mrs. George (Bertha Hartt) Cheney, 95, of 60 Oliver Drive, Dracut, Mass, went home  to heaven Wednesday afternoon, March 15th.  Mrs. Cheney was born in Norton, New Brunswick, Canada, November 30th, 1865, the daughter of Samuel and Mary (Hayes) Hartt.  She had lived in Lowell until four years ago when she established her home in Dracut.  She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Albert Lunn, with whom she made her home, and Mrs. Louis Craven, of Pelham, N.H.; two sons, Harold Cheney, of Lowell and Leon Cheney, of Vista, California; seven grandsons; 13 great grandchildren.

Mrs. Cheney was a charter member and the oldest living member of the First Church of the Nazarene of Lowell.  She joined when the First Pentecostal Holiness Mission on January 6, 1903.  Through the efforts of the members of the Mission, on January 21, 1903, the First Pentecostal Church was organized with Rev. A. Riggs as pastor.  Prior to this, the group was instrumental in organizing the "Wesley Church" in 1898, which in reality marks the beginning of the Holiness Movement in Lowell.  In 1908 members of this congregation met with others to organize and establish the Church of the Nazarene.  The records show that Mrs. Cheney was for about 63 years a faithful and ardent worker in this Holiness Movement.

Dec 1866 – Nov 1966                Picture:   Lillian and Arthur Eugene Mellen

Arthur E. Mellen was the son of John Loring Mellen,. born. Oct 7 1827 in Swanzey, Cheshire, NH. In 1858 John married Venetia Ruby Clyne of Swanton, Franklin, VT He and his brother Robert came to America in 1843, settling in Lowell, Mass. Robert, however, headed to the far West from which no further word was ever received. In 1856 John married Benetia Ruby Skinner of Swanto, Vermont. He enlisted in 1863 to serve with the 2nd Massachusetts artillery, being mustered in at Reedsville, Mass. on 11 December. Mustered out in 1865, they made their home at 50 West Fourth Street, Lowell, Mass. There the oldest son Arthur Eugene Mellen was born 25 December, 1866. This Christmas boy was followed by Alvah L. Mellen, Henry A. Mellen, Ella Mellen who married a Drew Frazee, and Daisy Mellen who married a Mr. Allen. After living in Lowell 53 years, John Mellen, a member of Post 120, G.A.R., died at the Veterans Hospital in 1896 in his 70-year, with burial in the Edson cemetery at Lowell. His widow Venetia died on 7 Jan 1930 at the home of her daughter Mrs. Ella Frazee of Bath, Maine, just 3 weeks short of 94 years of age. A member of the Paige Street Baptist Church of Lowell, her funeral service was conducted by Rev. Harry L. Smith, with burial in the Edson cemetery at Lowell.

Arthur E. Mellen married Lillian Ada Hartt, daughter of Samuel Hartt and Mary Jane Hayes in Lowell in 1891. They had nine children: Myrtle Beatrice, Earl Rufus, Raymond Arthur, Hazel Belle, Judah Hartt, Ida Pearl, Theodore Orrin, Dorothy Mae and Marjorie Eudora. Arthur had worked his way up from office boy to become a printer by trade, and foreman at the Courier Citizen plant at Lowell. There he supervised the huge press that printed the first telephone directory in New England, that for the city of Boston. He died six weeks short of the century mark on 13 November 1966, being preceded by his wife Lillian Mellen who died 20 January 1951. They were buried at Edson cemetery in Lowell.

1866-1913                    Picture:  Mary Etta Greenlaw (1906)


Mary Etta (nee Hartt) Greenlaw was born on April 20, 1866 at Fredericton Junction, N.B., the daughter of Aaron Hartt and Mary Jane Alexander and died December 5, 1913. Mary is the wife of St. Andrew’s mayor, Gilman King Greenlaw, whom she married on September 4, 1889. In addition to her husband, she leaves behind several children: Maud H., Harold Eugene, William Dell, Rupert King, and Mary Elaine, and was preceded in death by her daughter, Muriel.


Mary is the sister of Emmeline, the late Annie Jane, Phebe Lavinia, the late Angeline, William Dell, the late Johnny, Thomas Aaron, and Dr. Samuel Whitfield. In addition to being a wife and mother, Mary was also a schoolteacher and, along with her husband, they owned the G. K.Greenlaw Dominion Express Company in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada.  She was well respected and loved during her short life, dying from a very painful illness at their home at Williams and Montague in St. Andrews.


1868-1928                    Pictures:   Frank Hartt Family    Frank Hartt

Succumbing to the ravages of dread pneumonia, Mr. & Mrs. Hartt, well known and highly respected residents of the Lone butte area for many years, passed away  within four days of each other, during the week. The death occurred on Thursday night last of Mrs. Hartt at the age of seventy years.   She had been ill for several days with an attack of pneumonia and was admitted to the Hanna, Alberta hospital early last week. Her condition was considered critical from the first and on Thursday night shortly before eleven o’clock she departed this life. Before her marriage to Mr. Hartt, in 1915, she was Mrs. Greenleaf.  Her maiden name was Florence Ada Smith.  She was born at Rockland, Maine and, following her marriage to F. H. Hartt, she came to Alberta in 1915, settling in the Lone Butte district. No children were born to this union.

The death of Frank Herbert Hartt took place on Monday evening, January 30, 1929 at the age of sixty-one years, following an illness of only five days in the Hanna hospital.  Deceased was born at Woodstock, N.B., December 20, 1868,  Frank is the son of Samuel & Mary Jane Hayes Hartt and grandson of Rev. Samuel and Mary Hartt and was of U.E. Loyalist stock.  At the age of twenty-one years he moved to Lowell, Mass. where he resided for years, raising a family of four sons and two daughters by his first marriage. Coming to western Canada in 1915 he took up land in the Lone butte district, where he farmed until two years ago, then moving into Hanna where he has since resided.
The late Mr. Hartt is survived by four sons and two daughters: Car, of Parr; Kenneth in the U.S. navy; Newton and Paul; Mrs. Cecil Rose and Miss Helen, all residing in Hanna. Mr. Hartt is also survived by three sisters and three brothers: Mrs. Bertha Cheney, Mrs. Adelia Gordon, and Mrs. Lillian Mellon, all of Lowell, Mass.; Newton H. Hartt, of Watts; Roland and Luther Hartt of Woodstock, N.B. and Lowell Mass. respectively.


Reprinted from the Rawlins (Wyoming) Republican,

Tuesday, May 6, 1930

Judah Frank was born in Castlehill, Arrostook, Maine, on June 29, 1869 and died May 3, 1930 at Bragg, Wyoming.

Judah Frank Hartt, whose sixty first birthday would have occurred next month, died at the Memorial Hospital last Saturday evening at 5 o’clock, death resulting from burns which he received at his ranch home about 16 miles west of Braggs.

Mr. Hartt had left his bed about 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning and was building a fire in the stove of his ranch home. The fire did not burn readily, so Mr. Hartt took a can in which he thought was kerosene, but in which was gasoline, and poured some of the contents on the fire.

The gasoline exploded, fatally burning Mr. Hartt on his body and painfully burning his wife who was in the kitchen at the time. Mr. Hartt’s son, John was out in the yard when the explosion occurred but immediately came into the house. Mr. Hartt was rushed by his son to the city, arriving here about 10 o’clock and entered in the hospital for treatments. However the burns were so severe that medical treatment proved of no avail.

Mrs. Hartt, who was less seriously burned, was brought to Baggs and given first aid treatment. Mr. Hartt and his son came into Rawlins, the son returning for Mrs. Hartt later. Mrs. Hartt is getting along as well as can be expected.

Was Old Time Resident

Mr. Hartt was an old time resident of this country, having lived in and about Rawlins for more than 20 years. He was born in Fort Fairfield, Maine and came west to Montana when yet a young man.  He was united in marriage in Montana to Miss Jeannie Dunham about 40 years ago.

Upon coming to Rawlins he immediately engaged in the sheep business and had been prominent in that field ever since he has resided here. The greater part of his land holdings were in the Snake River section.

He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Jeannie (Dunham) Hartt, two sons, John, and an adopted daughter, Mrs. Hazel Scott of Baggs, and a brother, John K. Hartt of this city.

Funeral services are being held this afternoon at 2:30 from his home at West Maple Street, the Rev. A. C. Blinzinger officiating. The Woodmen, of which he was a member, will have charge of a short service at the cemetery.

Pallbearers at the funeral are Will Mitand, Homer France, Harry Nelson, Christ McPherson, Jack McPherson, and James A. Sheahan.

Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Collins-Franks.

1871-1952                Picture:  John Kelly Hartt

Reprinted from Rawlins (Wyoming) Daily Times

Tuesday, July 15, 1952

John K. Hartt, 81, pioneer livestock man and principal owner of three of Carbon and Freemont counties’ largest outfits, died yesterday at 10:15 a.m. at Baggs, while en route from one of his company’s summer headquarters at Hahn’s Peak, Colorado to his home in Rawlins. Mr. Hartt came to Wyoming from Maine in 1894.

Death was attributed to a heart attack. Mr. Hartt became ill at his headquarters early yesterday morning and an attempt was made to take him to the hospital in Rawlins by ambulance. Death occurred in the ambulance in Baggs.

Mr. Hartt’s outfits included the Cow Creek Sheep Co. the Pioneer sheep Co. and the Yellowstone Sheep Co. In addition to his livestock interests he also was vice-president and director of the First National Bank of Rawlins and a director of Ferguson Mercantile Co. He also held extensive real estate properties in Rawlins.

Survivors include his widow, Minnie, six daughters, Mrs. Harry (Pearl) Holmquist, Mrs. William (Marie) Harrison, Mrs. Charles (Marjorie) Higley, Mrs. J. Gordon (Louise) Mitchell, Mrs. Thomas (Catherine) Keffeler and Miss Dorothy Hartt; and four grandchildren.

Funeral arrangements, under the direction of the Rasmusson Shriner Mortunary, are pending arrival of relatives.

1872-1957            Picture:   William and Florence Hazen
Husband to Florence Hartt

The Rev. William Hazen, Scholar and Missionary

Rev. William Hazen was born at Jericho, Vermont, studied at Deerfield Academy, the University of Vermont, Hartford Theological Seminary and Yale Divinity School. Ordained in 1897, he sailed for India in 1900 under the American Board of Commissionaries for Foreign Missions.  He married Florence Hartt in 1905 in Ahmednagar, India.  He was deeply interested in church union and shared in the organization of the United Church of North India. Was secretary of the Marathi Mission from 1910- 1930.

RETIRED: after 41 yrs of devoted missionary service

DIED: July 7, 1940 Is survived by his wife Florence, now resident in Auburndale. Mass. U.S.A. "Retired Missionary Home"

We first met Will when he was principal of the Bombay High School, but really got to know and love him when we were together in Sholapur. A man of unusually fine intellect, with a keen interest in many realms, he had a profound understanding of India and its religious quest. His knowledge of many varied subjects made him a veritable "Walking Encyclopedia" and thus invaluable in an Indian environment where books of reference were not always accessible.

But what most endeared the Hazens to India and to us was their practical demonstration of Christian Brotherhood. Like other district missionaries they toured the rual areas teaching the Christian Way of Life and showing how to combat the three "D's" of village life - Dirt--Debt--Disease. But the Hazens went much further. With the Indian Members of their Traveling Ashram they not only shared the simple life of the villagers but they successfully experimented with the meager menu of the land. Restricting themselves to the balanced diet of the recommended government pamphlet prepared for the peasant. They showed by precept and practice how the poor villager could thrive on such a diet without increasing his cost of living, a few annas a day. This unmistaken proof of the Hazen's sincerity made a deep impression on all classes of Hindus and Mohammedans alike.

We felt it a privilege and honor to be associated with such selfless missionaries and have happy memories of our many years of friendship. This affectionate tribute from their old colleagues: Richard and Isabel Rose.

1873-1945                    Pictures:   Caroline Hartt     Caroline Hartt Syson  

Stettler Hospital on June 4, 1945 at the age of 71 yrs, 10 months and ll days. She was the daughter of the late Rev. and Mrs. Henry Hartt. She was born on July 14, 1873, at Jacksontown, New Brunswick, Canada.

Her early education was received at Jacksontown, New Brunswick. She was a gold medallist from the Woodstock Grammar School in 1892 and in 1894 she graduated from St. Martin’s Union Baptist Seminary. After attending Normal School at Fredericton, N.B., she taught school a number of years in New Brunswick before coming west in 1903.  She took another Normal School course at Regina, Sask. and then taught different schools in central and southern Alberta.

Caroline Syson was the First Pilot Knob Teacher and she passed away at the St. Martin's Union Baptist Seminary. After attending Normal School at Fredericton, N.B., she taught school a number of years in New Brunswick before coming west in 1903. She took another Normal School course at Regina, Sask. and then taught different schools in central and southern Alberta.

She was married to R.M. Syson in the year 1907 and came to Stettler where she was the first teacher at the Pilot Knob and Up-to-Date schools and one of the first at Wild Rose School.

She was a charter member of the Stettler Baptist Church and took an active interest in community life.

She leaves to mourn her loss, besides her husband, one daughter Florence (Mrs. Donald Clark), of Stettler; step-son Thurston, one sister, Mrs. William Hazen of Boston, Mass. one brother B.J. Hartt of Woodstock, New Brunswick; and two grandchildren, Carole Clark and Kenneth Syson.

The funeral service was held in the Stettler Baptist Church on Wednesday, June 6 at 2 P.M. with Rev. E. A. Backlin officiating and Rev. Pinder assisting.

Pallbearers were Messrs. B. Webb, J. Bender, F. Seymour, C. Haring, and C. Shepherd.

Many beautiful floral tributes testified to the high esteem in which the deceased was held by her many friends in Stettler and surrounding district.

(Caroline Hartt Syson wrote several journals; Carole Dick transcribed one journal starting in 1888.)

1873-1958                    Picture:  Richard and Caroline Syson

Alberta lost another of its pioneer residents in the passing of Richard Mackley Syson on February 22, 1958 at the Stettler Convalescent Hospital. He had reached the age of 84 years 10 months but had been in failing health for the past seven years. He was the eldest son of the late John and Eliza Syson and was born at Cossall, Nottingham, England on April 23, 1873.

Mr. Syson was always musical and at the early age of seven was a Church of England Cathedral boy soprano and later organist on the pipe organ.

He received much enjoyment through his life from traveling and meeting people and so it was in his early twenties he sailed to the union of South Africa where he spent three years near Johannesburg before the Boer War.

After returning to England he was united in marriage to Miss Florence Hall at Gedling, Notts, on January 11, 1902. Two sons were born to this union.

In 1903 they immigrated to Canada as Barr Colonists and took a homestead near Ponoka, Alberta, where Mrs. Syson passed away.

In 1906 Mr. Syson came to the Stettler district where he made his home ever since. In this same year on December 10th he married Miss Caroline Hartt of Jacksontown, New Brunswick.

Mr. Syson was one of the members of the early Board of Trustees of the Pilot Knob School and was active in church work in the town of Stettler and Pioneer times and on throughout his long life. He had missed only the last Sunday service at the Convalescent Hospital before his passing.

Following the death of his second wife, Mr. Syson resumed his hobby of painting with oils. As a young man he attended the Nottingham School of Arts but had no time to continue painting while occupied with farming. So it was after he was 72 years old that he painted several hundred colorful pictures which he generously gave his many friends.

He leaves to mourn his loss, one daughter, Florence, Mrs. Donald Clark of Stettler and one son, Thurston of Stettler, four grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Two sons predeceased him in infancy.

Funeral services were held in the Stettler Baptist Church on Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 2:00 P.M. with Rev. F. Schimke officiating. "Jerusalem the Golden" was sung by Mrs. Ivor McIvor. Internment followed in Stettler's Lake View Cemetery.

Pallbearers were Dan Binkley of Calgary, Arthur Webb, Leland Fisher, Glen Howard, Bob Shepard and Herman Richardson.

Copy of Page from the Book of Remembrance in Clareudon, California at Pilgrim Place May 30, 1950



1881- 1961              Pictures:   F. Thomas Fordham    F. Thomas Fordham

Grandson of Dr. Thomas Phillips


September 17, 1961, Montague, Michigan

F. Thomas Fordham dies at Claybanks Home


F. Thomas Fordham for many years a Claybanks Township and Oceana County public official died early Sunday at his home on Rogers Road.  He was 80. Mr. Fordham had been in ill health for six years. Mr. Fordham was born January 6, 1881, on the Claybanks farm of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Fordham. Mr. Fordham served 20 years as township clerk, and on the county board of supervisors for two terms.  He served on the county board of election canvassers. Mr. Fordham was an authority of Claybanks and Oceana County history.  He was a grandson of Dr. Thomas Philips, pioneer physician of that area.  He had large collection of Indian arrowheads picked up on his farm and surrounding area.


Musical by nature, Mr. Fordham was a talented violinmaker, and versed in the history of violin making and famous violinmakers.  He had made 10 violins and two mandolins and at the time he was stricken with paralysis about six years ago had just completed a cello.


Mr. Fordham was married June 26. 1919 to Lydia Butzer at the Butzer home in Claybanks.  She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Butzer Sr. He attended Claybanks Methodist Church and was a member of Montague Lodge, No 198.


Mr. Fordham is survived by one daughter Olive Jane Fordham,  principal of Glendale School, Muskegon Heights: two sons, Clifford of Claybanks, an engineer in Continental Motors Aviation Division, Muskegon and Floyd, a teacher at Warren, and two grandchildren.


Funeral services will be held at Gee Chapel, Whitehall, at 2 p.m. Tuesday, the Rev. David Renshaw, pastor of Claybanks Methodist Church, officiating. Burial will be in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Flower Creek with Masonic graveside rites.

1882-1972                    Picture:  Minnie Pearl and John Kelly Hartt

Minnie Pearl Hartt was born July 29, 1882 at St. John N.B. Canada. She is the daughter of Arthur Sidney & Matilda Roberts Spragg, who were early day Rawlins students. Minnie attended normal schools and then taught for several years. She married John Kelly Hartt in 1909. The wedding took place in St. John, N.B. Canada and the honeymoon was in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

When raising her 6 daughters they would live their lives in two places, on Maple Street in Rawlins and "up country" in Hahn’s Peak Basin. There was a vast difference.

In Rawlins, little ladies wore ruffles and bows, and were supposed to act like ladies. They ate three meals a day at a table covered by white cloth. In Rawlins, Minnie always wore a dress, and she smelled like talcum powder, or sachet. At Hahn’s Peak, she wore slacks and ate at a table covered in oilcloth. Minnie adapted to slacks later, but in those early years she often wore "knickers" tucked into her fishing boots. And she smelled like citronella oil, which she used to keep the flies away when she fished.

The "Hartt Family Headquarters" at Hahn’s Peak was always full of life with relatives keeping the home fire burning and Minnie, a prize-winning fisherwoman until the very end.

Minnie was a member of the PEO, an organization promoting education for women, for 50 years.

It was told about the culture shock Minnie had coming from the New England State to the West to live. As she stepped from the train in Rawlins, Wyoming for the first time with her husband John, they were immediately greeted by one of the sheep men telling grandfather something like "Sir, they shot Wilks last night" Over the years Minnie became quite a fisherwomen and adapted to the Western culture. The Forest /Park Service even made Minnie a special lake called "Minnie Pearl" just across the road from her cabin after "Big Pearl" was made, so Minnie could continue to enjoy fishing in her senior years.

After the death of John Kelly Hartt in 1952 at Baggs, Wyoming , Minnie Pearl moved to Wheatridge, Colorado. Minnie passed away in 1972 in Denver, Colorado.


Source: July 12, 1951 Fredericton Junction

The funeral of Thomas B. Hartt, who died at his home here after a long illness in his 69th year was held with services at the home and grave conducted by Rev. Glenn B. Fountain.  Interment was in the local cemetery.  There were many beautiful floral tributes.

Pallbearers were T. Earl Nason, Dana Nason, Victor Nason, Frank L. Hartt, Austin Mersereau and Allan Peterson.

Thomas was a son of the late Mr. & Mrs. David W. Hartt, Fredericton Junction and for years after his father's death carried on one of the largest general merchandise businesses in the county.

Surviving are his wife. formerly Miss Helen Nason; two daughters, Miss Carrie Hartt, Saint John and Miss Florence Hartt, Jersey City, three grandchildren; one brother George Hartt, Vancouver, and three sisters Miss Adeline Hartt and Miss Zelda Hartt, Saint John and Miss Lottie Hartt, Los Angeles, California.

1883-1969                Picture:   Bedford Hartt

WOODSTOCK, March 2, 1969: One of Carleton County's prominent agriculturalists.  Bedford Hartt, died at his residence at Jacksontown, Sunday morning.

Mr. Hartt was born in 1883 a son of the late Rev. Henry and Phoebe (Smith) Hartt at Jacksontown.  He lived most of his life on the homestead, which has been in the family for four generations. He spent a few years in the West.

His great-grandfather Rev. Samuel Hartt, was the founder of the United Baptist Church, Jacksontown, and was a deacon of the church for over 50 years. He is the last surviving member of his immediate family.

Mr. Hartt is survived by two sons, Reginald, at home and Paul of Toronto; four grandchildren.

The body is resting at the DeWitt Funeral Home, Woodstock. Funeral service will be held today at 2 o'clock at the United Baptist Church at Jacksontown, Rev. E. R. Patriquen officiating. Interment will follow in the Jacksontown Cemetery.

1885-1915                    Picture

The sad news of the death of Mrs. Pearl Robertson, wife of Percy Robertson and daughter of Rev. Henry Hartt of Jacksontown, Carleton County, New Brunswick, which occurred December 27, in the Stettler, Alberta hospital, has just been received by friends in this city.

Mrs. Robertson had been married but a year and a half and left an infant girl but 4 days old.

Before leaving Jacksontown, N.B., Pearl was prominently identified with the work of the Baptist church, having been president of the mission band, teacher in Sunday School and a member of the choir. She was a young woman of singularly sweet Christian character and the knowledge of these tempers to the sorrow of the dear ones left behind. Besides her husband and child, she leaves her parents, two sisters, Mrs. Hazen, wife of Rev. Hazen and American Missionary to India, and Mrs. Caroline Syson of Stettler, Ab and one brother Bedford of Jacksontown, N.B.

(Shortly after her baby died and both are buried in the Lakeview Cemetery in Stettler, AB.)


(Helen, Theodosia, Thomas E., Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac)
1887-1946                    Picture:  Helen Lockhart


Former Resident dies in Vancouver, B. C. September 12, 1946


Mrs. Johnson  Clark was teacher in City Schools Passes Suddenly at 59 yrs of age


Through the city, and especially in West Saint John, there is deep regret over the announcement that Mrs. Johnson W. Clark, the former Helen Lockhart, had passed away suddenly in Vancouver on Thursday afternoon.  Member of a well-own New Brunswick family, she herself had a wide acquaintance here and many will recall her as a valued member of the public school teaching staff here for some time. She and Mr. Clark were married in Saint John in 1913 and soon afterwards removed to British Columbia, where they made their home for 33 yrs.  She was a member of the Vancouver First Baptist Church.


The death of Mrs. Clark took place in Vancouver General Hospital after a short illness.  She is survived by her husband and one son J. Berton Clark; also by her father C. B. Lockhart, and one sister, Mrs. Alice Lockhart, of  Saint John. New Brunswick.


The word of her death came as an especially hard blow to her father, former M.L.A., former collector of customs at Saint John and active for many years in Baptist Church and community work.  At age 92 years of age he is unable to go to British Columbia, but his daughter, Miss Alice, is making the sad journey.


Saint John friends carry the memory of a lady of culture and of warm sympathy with those bereaved. 

The funeral service was held Tuesday, September 17, 1946 at the Mount Pleasant Undertaking Co Chapel with Rev. Elbert Paul conducting the service.  She was laid to rest in the Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery, Vancouver, British Columbia.  Mount Pleasant Undertaking Co were in charge of the arrangements.

(Jessie, Alfred, Thomas E. Thomas, Thomas A. Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac)
1888-1971                Picture:  Jessie A. Hartt


December 1, 1971:  The death of Miss Jessie A. Hartt of 147 City Line occurred today at Saint John General Hospital after a brief illness.

            She was born in Blissville Sunbury County, the daughter of the late Alfred E. and Jennie (Mersereau) Hartt.  Miss Hartt was a life long resident of Saint John and was educated in Saint John High School, Teachers’ College and Acadia University.

            She was supervisor of Home Economics for the city of Saint John from 1941- until her retirement in 1950.  Prior to this time, Miss Hartt taught Home Economics at Waterloo Street School and later at new Albert School and Saint John High School.

            Miss Hartt was a member of the New Brunswick Home Economists Association.  She was a life member of the Missionary Society and had taught Sunday school all her life (Sunshine Class of Hillcrest Baptist Church—formerly Charlotte Street Baptist.

            She was a member of the Ladies Club and convener of the Social Committee of Hillcrest Baptist Church.  She was a member of Seven Seas Chapter IODE and was a past regent of this organization.

            Miss Hartt was also a member of Philip A. Jerguson Chapter No. 18 Order of the Eastern Star, associate member of the Westfield Golf and Country Club and a member of the Carleton Curling Club Ladies Association.

            Two nephews, Donald R. Hartt of Westfield and Lloyd R. Hartt of Saint John West, and several great-nieces and nephews survive her.

            The body is resting at the Calvin Funeral Home (Fallsview), 309 Lancaster Avenue, West, until Friday at 10 a.m., when the body will be taken to rest at Hillcrest Baptist Church where service will be held at 2 p.m. Interment will take place in the Greenwood Cemetery.


1894-1969                    Picture:  Carl Victor Hartt

On February 3rd, 1969, Mr. Carl Victor Hartt of 10757-86 Ave. Edmonton, Alberta passed away aged 73 years. He leaves to mourn his loss besides his loving wife Florence, three sons, Stanley, Raymond and Robert, one daughter, Mrs. George (Mary) Ramsdell, all of Edmonton. One brother Kenneth of Bremerton, Washington, two sisters, Mrs. Alice Rose and Mrs. Ronald (Helen) Gilchrist, both of Calgary, nine grandchildren.

Funeral Services will be held on Thursday at 1:00 o’clock from Howard and McBride’s Chapel with Rev. R. Gorrie officiating. Interment will be in the Beechmount Cemetery. If friends so desire, memorials may be made to the Alberta Heart Foundation. Howard and McBride Funeral Directors.

(Reference: Edmonton Journal, Wednesday, February 5, 1969)

1894-1993                Picture:   David Roy and Jennie Hartt

 I, David Roy Hartt, was born March 18, 1894, at Solon Springs, Wisconsin, the youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. William Charles. Hartt.  I had 2 sisters and 4 brothers.  My oldest sister, who was the eldest child of my father's family, died two days before I was born.

My family moved to Tacoma, WA, in 1898 and I grew up there.  In 1915, I went to Seattle to work, and here I became acquainted with Jennie Lind Roach  whom I had met in Tacoma at a church conference a year or more previously.  We became engaged in 1917, were married April 7, 1918 and lived in Bremerton, WA, where I now worked and where two of our children were born.

In July, 1921, we moved to Seattle where I found work with Sears, Roebuck, & Co.  In 1926, they sent us to Stockton, CA and in February 1927, they sent us to Los Angeles.  While we lived in Seattle, three of our children were born.

In 1928, SEARS sent us to Reno, Nevada as Manager of their new store there.  In December, 1929, the depression hit us and the store went into the red, and despite all that I could do, I could not bring it back into the black.  In April, 1930, the firm offered us a lesser position in the Sacramento store where they moved us.  Jan 1, 1931 we were moved to Sacramento.  Then Joe was born in San Francisco, and owing to living conditions being so crowed, we requested and were granted a transfer to Spokane, WA.

In June, 1940, I left Sears, and we moved to Silverdale, WA where I worked for the U.S. Navy Yard again, having worked for them in 1917 to 1921 as machine operator, driller, machinist helper, machinist.  In all the places where the Lord had us moved, I was able to be busy in Sunday School and gospel ministry in my spare time.

Our eldest son, David, was saved at Lake Sammamish Bible Camp in July 1936 and in 1938 he went to Prairie Bible Institute in Three Hills, Alberta for training, and shortly thereafter he urged me to take at least one year at Prairie.  By fall, 1943, Jennie was willing to go to Prairie, and the following fall we all moved to Prairie as students, where we studied that year, and stayed on as summer workers.  Just before school opened the fall of 1945 the Board of Prairie invited us to join the staff, and the Lord confirmed that this was His will, so we did join the staff, where we served for 40 years, and these were the best years of our lives.  I must say, however, that all our lives we have enjoyed the blessings and the joy of the Lord.  We were housed in X dorm (now known as Spruce Grove Residence) for 31 years.

October, 1980, we were moved to the "Haven of Rest" a rest home for retired staff which Prairie operated for some years; however on July 4, 1984, during the night, Jennie fell and injured her breast bone, and could neither stand nor sit, but was bed ridden.  Dr. Uptigrove was able to get her admitted into the Extended Care section of the new hospital on July 7, which was the day the new hospital was opened to patients, and I was also admitted Feb. 4, 1985.  Here we shared a large double room (#208) for nearly 5 years until Jennie went to Heaven, January 13, 1990 at 6:45 p.m.  Margaret came home from Portugal, arriving the night before the funeral, and stayed for two weeks helping me get things sorted out, disposed of and settled in a single room while I was away having cataract surgery in Red Deer, Alberta.  She had everything nicely arranged in Room 217 when I returned.  She did a noble job of arranging everything, and I greatly appreciated it.

Our dad died at 10:10 a.m. on Wednesday, May 26, 1993, at the Three Hills Health Care Centre, with three of his children close by, after a brief illness, the result of his age, 99 years.

Six children survive, five of whom attended the funeral of David Roy Hartt.  They were David N. Hartt of Abbotsford, B.C.; James Richard Hartt of Pasadena, CA;  Margaret Grewell, nee Hartt of Magdalena, Porto, Portugal;  Bradford P. Hartt of Renton, WA; Charlotte Griffiths, nee Hartt, of Manokwari, Indonesia; Joseph R. Hartt of Englewood, Co.  He is survived by 18 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren, some of whom were able to attend also.

His testimony and love for the Lord and His people made him beloved of those who knew him.

(In 1977, Mr. Hartt dictated a narrative of his life.  A typed version is available.)

1894 – 1975

Services for Earl R. Mellen, 81, of Wyoming Avenue, were to be held today at 10 a.m. in Morrow Memorial Methodist Church, Maplewood. Mr. Mellen a former president of Weston Instruments, Newark, and a former chairman of the Hospital Service Plan of New Jersey (Blue Cross), died Monday at home.

Born in Lowell, Mass., he lived here since 1929. He was a 1916 graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and had been employed by Weston Instruments for 47 years before his retirement in 1959.

Mr. Mellen was active in civic affairs both here and in Newark. He served as chairman of the local Planning Board, and was a past president of the Newark Chamber of Commerce and the Newark Rotary Club. He had been a director of the Newark Museum, the Howard Savings Bank and the Commercial Insurance Co., both of Newark; the National Industrial Conference Board and the Newark YM-YWCA. He was a chairman of the Hospital Service Plan of New Jersey.

Mr. Mellen was involved in Boy Scouts affairs and served as vice president of the Robert Treat Council. He was the recipient of the Scouts’ Silver Beaver Award. He was a member of the N.J. Association of Credit Executives, a director of Caluilagraph and a member of Kane Lodge F&AM, Newark.

Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Isabel Holloway Mellen; four sons, Earl R. Mellen Jr.; Howard G. Mellen, Raymond R. Mellen and Walter R. Mellen; two daughters. Mrs. Joan Walsh and Mrs. Carol Wick; five sisters, Miss Myrtle Mellen, Mrs. Marjorie Blake, Mrs. Edwin Jacques, Mrs. John Prescott, Mrs. Harry Smith; two brothers, Judah Mellen and Raymond Mellen, and 16 grandchildren.

Taken from the Millburn Item Thursday Nov. 6 1975

1896- 1969

John Hartt was born Sept 6, 1896 in Sheridan, Montana a second son of Judah and Jennie Hartt. He lived in the state of Maine as a boy later moving to Wyoming with his parents. He served in the Navy in the First World War.

He married Francis Jewel Needham on July 18 1921 at Craig Colorado.

They bought their first home in the Selle District North of Sandpoint in 1925. He and his family operated the Hartt and Sons Livestock Co. near Rawlins, Wyoming where he also homesteaded in the early 1930's. The family later moved north of Sandpoint in 1936 where they farmed until they moved to the present Frank Hartt Farm in 1939. They purchased their last home in 1944.

John worked in the lumber mills and on the railroad. He retired from the Great Northern Railroad in 1955. Since that time he and Jewel have spent many pleasant winters in Southern California occupied in doing the things he enjoyed these things included horseback riding prospecting and fishing. He also enjoyed collecting interesting rocks.

His family will always remember him for his gentle and considerate ways.

John passed away Sunday evening, November 3, 1969 at Winterhaven, California, where he and his wife had gone for the winter from their ranch home on the Eastside road at Priest River Idaho. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m., Saturday Nov. 6, 1969 at the Free Methodist church with Rev. Marlow Thompson officiating. Interment will be at the Evergreen cemetery.

His wife Jewel three sons, Frank and Gerald of Priest River River Idaho and Bill of Ione Wash. a daughter Mrs. Shirley Lindell of Livingston, Montana. 16 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Sherman Funeral Home handled arrangements.

1900 - 1949



1900 -1967      (Rupert, Mary Etta, Aaron, Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac)


Mrs. Minnie Greenlaw:  Services for Mrs. Greenlaw, 66, of 26241 Southwestern, Redford Township, Michigan, were conducted in the Harry J. Will Funeral Home and St. John Bosco Church in charge of Rev. Fr. Sheltreau with burial in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.


Mrs. Greenlaw was born September 20, 1900.  She married Rupert Greenlaw October 6, 1934 and she  died  of pneumonia, September 17, 1967, in St. Mary's Hospital in Livonia.  She was a member of the Third Order of St. Francis.


Surviving are her husband, Rupert Greenlaw, a daughter, Camilla White, one brother, two sisters, and six grandchildren.



1900 –1969                Picture:  Rupert and Minnie Greenlaw (1953)


Grandson of Aaron and Mary Ann (Alexander) Hartt; son of Mary Etta (Hartt) and Gilman Greenlaw


U-Turn is Fatal

October 17, 1969


Rupert Greenlaw, 69, of 26241 Southwestern, Michigan died early Saturday as a result of injuries received when he lost control of his car while making a U-turn on Plymouth at Chatham.


Detroit police records indicate he was attempting to complete a U-turn about 7 p.m. Friday when his car ran into a parked auto then struck a building.


Funeral services were held in St. John Bosco Church at 11 a.m.  Monday and burial was in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

Mr. Greenlaw is survived by his daughter, Mrs. Dahlmer (Camilla) White of 26265 Southwestern, and six grandchildren. 

Rupert Greenlaw died suddenly at age 69 of Redford Twp.  Beloved husband of the late Minnie; dear father of Mrs. Dahlmer (Camilla) White; grandfather of Sgt. Michael White and Cynthia White, Mrs. Jill (private), Allison, Chris, Adrienne White; also survived by two sisters and one brother.  Member of the Third Order of St. Francis. 


Funeral services from the Harry J. Will Funeral Home, (Plymouth Road Chapel) 25450 Plymouth Road, Monday at 10:30 a.m. and to St. John Bosco at 11 a.m.  Rosary Sunday at 3 p.m. with interment at Holy Sepulcher.


1902-1973                    Picture:   Bertha, Harold, Lillian, and Mildred Cheney

Mrs. Lillian M. (Cheney) (Yeomans) Craven, 71 of Sherburne Road, Pelham N. H. died yesterday afternoon at the Lowell General Hospital. She was the wife of Louis J. Craven, Mrs. Craven was born in North Tewksbury, March 18, 1902, the daughter of the late George and Bertha (Hartt) Cheney, but had made her home in Lowell until establishing her residence in Pelham 18 years ago. Besides her husband, she is survived by three sons, Victor H. Yeomans and Dana R. Yeomans both of Lowell; and Walter G. Yeomans of Framingham; two step-daughters, Mrs. Frederick Dorsch (Louise) of Epping, N.H.; and Mrs. Alexander Marini (Lorene) of Londonderry, N.H.; a sister Mrs. Albert Lunn (Mildred) of Dracut, Mass.; a brother, Leon Cheney of Fall Brook, California and 10 grandchildren.

Mrs. Craven was a member of Calvary Baptist church of Lowell and the Philathea Class of that church. She also held membership in the Ladies Aid Society of the Congregational church of Pelham and the Lowell Association of A.A R P.

Taken from the Lowell Sun May 8, 1973

1902-1987            Picture:  Alice Mary and Cecil Rose

On November 26, 1987, Mr. Cecil (Smokey) Rose of Edmonton, formerly of Hanna, passed away at the age of 85 years.  Survived by his loving wife, Minnie; four daughters, Beatrice and her husband Owen Still of Regina; Viola and her husband Frank Lawrence of Calgary;  Joyce Bickell, of Deer Island, N.B.; Marlene and her husband Neville Clayton of Osceola, Iowa; his step daughter Margaret Rose of Edmonton; 23 grandchildren; 19 great grandchildren; one sister, Clara Weinberg of Chiliwack, B.C.;  and sister-in-law Kay Rose of Nanaimo, B.C.  Predeceased by his parents, Thomas and Elizabeth Rose; his three brothers and one sister.  Funeral service Monday November 30, 1987 at the First Christian Church, 13407-97 St. Edmonton at 2:00 P.M.



Bert Hartt, 95 of Lapeer, died November 12, 1998 at Medilodge at Yale. He was born on March18, 1903, in Wilmot, to John and Maude (McCallum) Hartt. Bert married Gladys Pringle On August 29, 1932 in Lake Orion.

Mr. Hartt worked in the dairy industry most of his life. He worked at the Detroit Creamery, as a dairy inspector, on several dairy farms, and finally at Apache Ranch in Lapeer. He enjoyed gardening and was an avid reader.

Bert is survived by his children: Richard (and His wife, Alix) Hartt of Jamesville, New York, Robert (and his wife, Linda) Hartt of Placentia, California and Diane Hartt of Lake Orion, grandchildren: Andrea and Richard Pollock, Stacey Hartt, Richard and Elaine Hartt, Jennifer and Eric Meier, Laura Hartt and Matthew Hartt, stepgrandchildren: Laura Walden and Eric Peterson, 6 great-grandchildren, two step-great grandchildren, brothers: Mac (James) and Blanche Hartt of Florida, Jay Hartt and Richard Hartt, both of Bay City, sisters: Betty and Russ Ludemann of Lake Orion and Juanita Cooksey of New Jersey, many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his wife, Gladys Hartt, July 22, 1993, brothers and sisters, Harry, Marion, Audrey and Walter.

Funeral services were held November 16, 1998, at Kranz Funeral Home, Kingston. Reverend Margaret Passenger of Kingston United Methodist Church officiated. Burial took place in Kingston Cemetery.
Memorial Contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society 

From the Lapeer County Obituary Page; Courtesy of Susan Hartt


Caroline Hartt died at White Rapids Manor on her 92 Birthday. Caroline was a member of the Hillcrest Baptist Church, St John Senior Citizens Club, North End Silver Threads and Gladstone Chapter # 12 Order of the Eastern Star. She attended Provincial Normal in Fredericton and Columbia University in New York. She was a retired schoolteacher having taught many years at the Dufferin School in St. John. She also taught in a number of schools through out the Province, Glassville, Fredericton Junction, Doaktown, Port Elgin and Clarendon. The funeral service will be held from the Chapel at Sunbury Funeral home, Central Blissville, N.B. on Friday at 2 p.m. with the Rev. Jim Harrison Officiating. Buried in Gladstone cemetery in Fredericton Junction.

1905-1968                Picture:   Harold, Leon and Edna Cheney (1900)

Harold G. Cheney, 73, of 71 Eighteenth St., died last evening. Mr. Cheney was born in Lowell, the son of the late George and Bertha (Hartt) Cheney and had been a lifelong resident of this city. Until his retirement a year ago, Mr. Cheney had owned and operated Edna’s Candy Shop for over 36 years. Besides his wife, the former Edna M. Wentworth, he is survived by two sons, Vernon H. Cheney of Springfield, VT., and Richard W. Cheney of Lowell; two sisters, Mrs. Louis Craven (Lillian) of Pelhan, N.H. and Mrs. Albert Lunn (Mildred) of Dracut; a brother, Leon A. Cheney of Vista, California; and seven grandsons, Mr. Cheney was a member of the First Congregational church of Lowell and was a member of the new England Retail Confectioners Association.

Taken from the Lowell Sun November 18, 1968

1905-1999                  Picture:  Mildred Lunn 

DRACUT – Mildred (Cheney) Lunn, 93, died yesterday, May 1, 1999, at Saints Memorial Medical Center in Lowell. She was the wife of Albert G. Lunn.

She was born in Lowell on June 11, 1905, a daughter of the large George and Betha (Hartt) Cheney. Prior to retirement, Mrs. Lunn had been employed as a teacher in the Dracut School System. She previously had taught in the Tewksbury School System. She held membership in the Retired Teachers Association of Massachusetts.

Mrs. Lunn was an avid and devoted member of the First Church of the Nazarene

where she was secretary of the Official Church Board. She also served with the World Mission Society, the church choir and taught Sunday school. She was very active on the board of patrons of the River Valley House. She and her husband were active with the Senior Bowling League of Salem N.H.

Mildred demonstrated her love for others by knitting many tiny sweater outfits for various newborns of the church family. She was a joyful woman who never had a negative word to say about anyone, and she was never without her devoted husband, Albert, by her side. We will miss her.

Besides her husband, survivors include a sister-in-law, Janice Lunn of Lowell; seven nephews and their spouses, Vernon Cheney of Vermont, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cheney of North Chelmsford, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Cheney and George Cheney, all of California, Mr. & Mrs. Victor Yeomans of Maine, Mr. & Mrs. Dana Yeomans of North Chelmsford and Mr. & Mrs. Walter Yeomans of Framingham.


The death of Ethel Harriet Hartt of Fredericton, NB, occurred at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital on Thursday, June 15th, 2006. Born in her grandmother's home in Nashwaaksis, NB, she lived the first years of her life at Keswick NB; later moving to Fredericton. Ethel traveled a lot visiting three different countries, England, France and Scotland. Also a seven-day cruise to Alaska, The Bahamas, twice across Canada to the Pacific Coast and back across the United States several times. She also tour around the Province of New Brunswick.

Ethel was a lover of animals and always had a concern for their welfare. Most of her friends shared her concern as well. She was a member of the Kindess Club, SPCA and formerly The Toronto Humane Society.

She was proceeded by her husband James Elmore Hartt who passed away in 1979.

1909-1995                        Picture:   Alice Mary and Cecil Rose

Alice Mary Hartt was born May 26, 1909 in Derry New Hampshire. 

She was the first daughter born to Frank Herbert Hartt and Minnie Beatrice Hartt.  The family of four boys and two girls were living in Lowell, Mass. at the time of Minnie Beatrice' death in 1913 or 1914.  She died in childbirth.  Frank Herbert Hartt remarried Florence Ada Greenleaf and the family immigrated to western Canada in 1915 settling in the Hanna district.  Alice had started her schooling at the age of four years and by the time she was 17 she had finished school and a course in Garbutts business college in Calgary and had a job in an insurance office in Calgary.  Cecil had worked for the CNR and completed five years training as a machinist at the company's training shop in Winnipeg in 1923.  In June 1927 they were married and established a home in Hanna.  Times were hard for our mother for the first few years.  She lost both her father and her stepmother just 2 and 3 weeks before the first daughter, Beatrice Ada was born Feb. 7, 1928.  It must have been a very difficult time for her.  The following year Viola May was born, May 10, 1929.  Another girl, Joyce Irene was born June 14, 1930.  There was still one more girl, Marlene Beverley was born July 14 1932.  Mom and dad also raised another girl, Jean Ann born Dec. 11,1940 and she became our sister. 

I am the third daughter, Joyce, and I have a great many positive memories of my parents.  During the thirties when conditions were pretty stark on the prairies, mother did sewing and whatever else she could for many people, and when Dad was "laid off" he worked for the farmers at harvest time.  I can remember him working at the hospital boiler room occasionally to help pay off a bill.  Mother was a beautiful seamstress and very resourceful.  I don't ever remember wearing store bought clothes as she made all our dresses, coats, snowsuits, and many hand knit sweaters, hats, mitts and socks.  I also remember the parcels she would lovingly assemble to send to our uncle Newton when he was overseas in the army.  She baked fruitcakes in Crisco tins and careful packed them with knit scarves and socks she would knit.

My parents were both active in the Church of Christ in Hanna.  Dad served as an elder and was church caretaker.  Mom served as treasurer for a goodly number of years.  I learned a lot of arithmetic from helping wrap coins for her deposits.

Once we were all finished school she worked for a few years in a dry goods store in Hanna.  Eventually the CNR operations were phased out of Hanna and the family moved to Calgary in 1953.  Mother served as dorm matron for the Alberta Bible College where most of her daughters were enrolled.  I guess it was a natural outcome that 2 of the daughters married student ministers.  The following year she accepted a job with the John Howard Society where she soon became office manager.  She worked at that job for many years but was forced to retire at the age of 67 in 1976 when she was diagnosed with cancer.  The most powerful testimony of my mother's strength and courage was the quiet dignity she maintained throughout her long illness and approaching death.  Our mother was indeed a "lady".  She died April 6, 1995 in Calgary.  She was 85 year of age.

FLORENCE ADAMS HARTT                          Picture:   Florence Adams Hartt
1911 - 2002

The death of Florence Adams Hartt, last surviving member of her immediate family, of Saint John, NB occurred on October 15, 2002 at the Saint John Regional Hospital.

Born on June 10, 1911 at Fredericton Junction, she was the youngest daughter of the late Thomas and Helen (Nason) Hartt. Florence had attended Normal School in Fredericton and held teaching positions in Rusagonis, Beaver Dam and Hoyt before training as a Registered Nurse in Newport, Rhode Island, graduating in 1942 and then completed post-graduate work in obstetrics and nursery at Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital in Jersey City, NJ where she worked for many years before retiring to Saint John in 1970. Florence was a member of Hillcrest United Baptist Church and a charter member of Gladstone Chapter # 12 Order of the Eastern Star, Fredericton Junction; she also had been a member of the Silver Threads Seniors and Hillcrest Ladies Club.

She is survived by one nephew T. Richard Hartt (Donna), Fredericton Junction, two nieces Patricia Westerson (Frederick), Lethbridge, Alberta and Sandra Hartt, Winnipeg, Manitoba, several great-nieces and great-nephews. Besides her parents she is predeceased by a brother Vince in 1947and two sisters Caroline in 1996 and Miriam in 1909.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, October 19, 2002 at 2:00 pm at Hillcrest United Baptist Church, Lancaster Ave., Saint John West, NB. Interment will be held at Gladstone Cemetery, Fredericton Junction. Memorial donations may be made to a charity of the donors choice. Arrangements are under the direction of Brenan’s Select Community Funeral Home, 111 Paradise Row, Saint John (506-634-7424).

(Donald, Alfred, Thomas E., Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac)

The death of Donald R. Hartt, former president of Hartt Lumber Co., who had a distinguished career in the Canadian Armed Services, occurred at St. Joseph’s Hospital Wednesday evening following a lengthy illness.

Mr. Hartt was a past Commanding Officer of the “Byng Boys” and in 1944 he was placed on loan to the British army, serving with several  British regiments.

Mr. Hartt is a former commander of the New Brunswick Scottish Regiment.

He enlisted in the ranks of the Saint John Fusiliers until he was accepted as a Can-loan officer.  He went overseas and served with the Manchester Regiment with the rank of Captain.  After service throughout Normandy, Belgium and Holland he was transferred to the lst Airborne Division and received his majority.  After service in Norway with the Airborne Division he returned home in 1946.  He joined the Scottish in 1947 as commander of “A” Company and later was appointed second in command.  Mr. Hartt was awarded the 1939-45 Star, the France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp Victory Medal and Coronation Medal.

Mr.Hartt was appointed honorary lieutenant colonel of the lst Battalion, the royal New Brunswick Regiment in 1945.  He was a member of Hillcrest Baptist Church, a former Commodore of the Royal Kennebecasis Yachi Club, a member of the Union Club, the Westfield Golf and Country Club, Carleton Union F. & AM and the St. George Society.

The funeral of Donald R, Hartt  was held from the Castle Funeral Home, Fallsview, 209 Lancaster Ave., to Hillcrest United Baptist Church, for service with Rev. Layne Daggett officiating, assisted by Rev. Ross Bruleigh, of Westfield United Church.  The church choir was in attendance, accompanied by the organist, Miss Jeanette Higgins.  The Byng Boys formed an honor guard at the church and at the graveside.  Pallbearers were Val, F. Dexter, Keith M. Wilson, Delbert Seely, C. Douglas Kirby, Ralph G. Thompson, Eric Bonnell and William Schofield.

Among the floral tributes received were those from R. A. Woods Construction, from the national Canloan Association from officers and members of the Royal Kennebecasis Yacht Club, from former fellow officers from “C” Company of the Fusiliers Reunion 70 Club; from the Byng Boys Club, and from The Rocca Group.  Contributions were received for the N.B. Heart Foundation: for the Church of Good Shepherd Memorial Fund; for the United Fund of Greater Saint John, For the Hillcrest United Baptist Church building fund, including those from the Congregation of the Hillcrest United Baptist Church, and from miss Jessie Hartt’s Sunday school class; for the daughters of the Nile Convalescent Relief Fund; for the N.B. Division of the Canadian Red Cross Society; for Community Meals on Wheels; for the Loch Lomond Villa Memorial Fund; for the N.B. Diagnostic Clinic for learning Disabilities, including one from the Lady Moyra Ponsonby Chapter IODE; and for the Canadian Cancer Society. Including those from the Woolastook Investment Club, from C. L. Francis Co. Ltd, from the Carleton Union Lodge No. 8; F. and A. M. from Murray and Gregory 1974 Ltd. From Moosehead Breweries Ltd, from the management and staff of Mackay Forest Products, from Erb Construction Co. Ltd., from the Sand Point Outing Association, from the management and staff of Central and Easter Trust Company, from D’Arcy Welding Co. Ltd., from the staff of N.B. Housing Corp, Saint John and from the Kelly Tire Service.

He is survived by his wife, Jean (Stroud) Hartt; one son, Thomas S. at home; three daughters Mary Jane (Mrs. Allen Covert) of Halifax, Margot (Mrs. Roger Butroid) of Ottawa, and Miss Elizabeth A. Hartt of Toronto; one brother  Lloyd R. of Saint John West; three grandchildren, several nephews and a niece.

Interment took place in the Greenwood Cemetery with graveside prayers by Mr. Daggett and Mr. Bruleigh.

Obituary courtesy the Evening Times-Globe, Saint John, New Brunswick, April 20, 1978


Lloyd R. Hartt of 824 Anderson Drive, Saint John West, husband of Joan G. (Bryden) (Stewart) Hartt, died at the Saint John Regional Hospital on Wednesday.


Born in Saint John, a son of the late Gilbert E. and Maud (Rutherford) Hartt, he had been a lifelong resident of this area and had owned and operated Hartt Lumbering Co. in South Bay for many years.


He served overseas with the Carleton York Regiment during the Second World War.


He was a member of St. Luke’s Anglican Church, the Westfield Golf Club, the Kiwanis Golden K Club of Lancaster, the United Commercial Travelers, Ducks Unlimited, the Ball Lake Fishing Club and the Masonic Lodge.  He was a former member of the Saint John Executives’ Club and was an honorary life member of Carleton Curling Club.


He served as a councilor in the former City of Lancaster.


His father passed away in 1950, mother in 1954, his first wife, Lois Jean (Stevenson) in 1978 and brother, Donald in 1978.


Besides his wife, he is survived by two sons, L. David of Edmonton and Brian of Halifax.; three stepdaughters, Janet (Mrs. J. C. Stewart-Robertson) of Fairvale, G. Dianne (Mrs. Roy Moase) of Hampton and Susan Stewart of East Riverside; three grandchildren; several nephews and nieces.


The body is resting at Brenan’s Funeral Home, 111 Paradise Row.  Visiting hours at the funeral home 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Cremation will take place at Brenan’s Funeral Home Crematorium.


A memorial service will be held at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Main Street on Saturday at 11 a.m. with Rev. Philip Ward conducting the service.  Organist, Michael Saunders, will accompany the church choir.  The Very Rev. Donald Noseworthy will be present in the congregation.


Members of the Kiwanis Golden “K” Club of Lancaster attended in a group.


Interment will take place in Greenwood Cemetery.


Among many floral tributes received, were those from the National Systems Group. Halifax; the Carleton York Association, Saint John; Norman W. Francis Ltd; Business Sales and Service, M.T.; and members of the division of humanities and language.


Among the numerous donations to the Canadian Cancer Society, were those from Taxation Component Taxation, the Taxation Adult Division of Revenue Canada; the Information Processing Section of Revenue Taxation; the Lancaster Kiwanis Golden “K” Club; the staff of R.M. Scott Insurance; Lakefield Elementary School; the management and employees of Donald E. Beckett Ltd; the C.G.I.T. graduates, 1991; the board of directors and members of Carleton Curling Club; Ball’s Lake Fishing Club; and the partners and staff of Doane Raymond.


Donations were also made to the New Brunswick Heart and Stroke Foundation; the Canadian Arthritis Society; the Canadian Diabetes Ass.; VON Saint John; the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation, Inc., including those from the officers and members of Council No. 755, U.C.T. and the Perfect Chapter Circle, Moncton; the Shriners’ Hospital for crippled children, Montreal Unit, including one from the Worshipful Master, officers and brethren of Carleton Union Lodge 8 F and AM; the Kidney Foundation of Canada; the Multiple Sclerosis Society; Hospice of Saint John, Inc.; Hampton United Church Women; Trinity Anglican Church. Kingston; and Woodstock Association for Community Living.

1919-2005                    Picture:   David Neil Hartt

ABBOTTSFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA (ANS) -- The evangelical community lost a missionary pioneer, inovative communicator, and Christian leader on January 8, 2005. Rev. David Neil Hartt died in Abbottsford, British Columbia, at the age of 86.

A veteran missionary with World Team, David Hartt pioneered the work in Guadeloupe and founded Radio Lumiere (Radio Light), a network that covers the entire nation of Haiti and also broadcast into Cuba in its early days.

Hartt was born in Silverdale, Washington on February 25, 1919. He was the oldest of seven children born to David and Jenny Hartt.

A 1941 graduate of Prairie Bible Institute in Three Hills, Alberta, Hartt applied to become a missionary with the West Indies Mission, now known as World Team. While at student at PBI, Hartt met Erma Anhorn. They both joined WIM and went to Cuba for orientation. After their engagement, WIM appointed them to serve in Haiti. They arrived in 1942. Because mission policy required them to wait for a year after their arrival to get married, they were married in 1943.

The Hartts continued to minister in Haiti, teaching in WIM’s Haiti Bible Institute until they received a call to establish the work in Guadeloupe, a small island in the French West Indies. Joseph F. Conley writes in Drumbeats That Changed the World (a history of the Regions Beyond Missionary Union and West Indies Mission, William Carey Library, 2000), this was the call “that would shape their future. The mission asked David to survey ministry possibilities in Guadeloupe."

Conley continues: "Acting in mercy, Hartt had left his wife and infant son in Haiti to await completion of the survey [a trip that was only to take one month]...Hartt spent the next ten days visiting towns and pupulation centers. He was well-received, everyone was curious about the contents of the black briefcase that he always carried. The case contained his survival kit--seven hundred dollars and a passport. In three weeks, he had surveyed the island and had developed a list of hundreds of names--mostly people who wanted to buy Bibles...

“...On 23 June 1947, he wrote home: ‘These people are very open to the gospel and I find more open doors for visits than I can possibly fill.’ But by November 10, the picture had changed. Hartt wrote 'This work is not going so fast as I thought it might. The blitzkrieg has already slowed down to hand-to-hand slugging it out with the enemy for a few souls. I have had evening meetings almost every night for two months. Several have professed conversion.”

It had been a long process to establish a local body under the mission’s banner. Hartt technically was an illegal--operating for more than a year on a one-month visitor’s visa. He’d been separated from his wife and young son, who were still in Haiti. Repeated applications for Erma and Paul had been denied. Even a promised tourist visa fell victim to a shipping strike and a breakdown in mail service. But the intervention of the French military commander changed things.

Paul Verdier was commander of a CRS group--French shock troops comprised of former felons who had paid their debt to society. Verdier was a no-nonsense military who had served in Madagascar. The commander rose to Hartt’s defense, and took care of things with the prefect. Thereafter, neither Hartt, nor any WIM missionary had problems with Guadeloupe immigration.

The governor wired Erma’s visa to the French Consul in Haiti. Within days, Erma and Paul flew to Guadeloupe. On May 13, 1948 the Hartt family was reunited. They’d been separated fifteen months.

The Hartts served in Guadeloupe until 1954 when they returned to Haiti where David applied his radio engineering skills to develop the radio network known as Radio Lumiere.

By 1995, WIM had planted 29 churches throughout the island. No hall on the island was large enough to accommodate the crowds at their annual conventions. In 1998, 50 years after Hartt’s arrival in Guadeloupe, the Evangelical Churches of Guadeloupe celebrated their golden anniversary.

Returning to Haiti in 1956, Conley writes that Dave Hartt found the Haitian church had mushroomed. Now with close to 60,000 believers, the WIM church association was stretched to the limits. There were few Haitian pastors and the nation’s communications systems were hopeless. Telephone and mail service couldn’t be counted on and roads were horrible.

Conley writes, “The three hundred churches of the association had no means of interface, since travel was mostly limited to muleback. The Church faced false doctrine from without, and division from within. Radios were few and in the hands of the elite...”

While the mission was searching for a solution, Hartt was busy working on a plan. The transistor was invented in 1947. Within a very short period of time, transistor radios became available. Hartt had the dream of placing pretuned radios in each association church spread throughout Haiti’s southern peninsula. By this means, hundreds, if not thousands of groups could join together via radio and churches without pastors could have biblical teaching brought to their congregations.

David Hartt was so convinced that radio was the answer to the evangelization of Haiti that he was willing to do whatever was necessary to bring a radio station into being. Fluent in French and Creole, he became the natural choice to launch this new effort. An ardent ham operator with a background in electronics, he set out to start a radio station in 1957.

With four twenty-foot long irrigation pipes tied together with two-by-fours, Radio Lumiere went on the air for the first time on Christmas Day 1958. Hartt had initiated what was to become a major broadcasting network serving the evangelical churches and the people of Haiti.

In 1960, 450 Haitian pastors received the first of 450 pre-tuned transitor radios. By 1962, Radio Lumiere was also beaming Spanish programs into Cuba, which was now under communist rule--as David Hartt, too, had predicted.

In 1968, Hartt and newly-named Radio Lumiere director Ed Walker, were granted a personal audience with Haitian President Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier in which WIM received authorization to expand coverage to the whole island.

Hartt continued to work as chief engineer until 1972. After studies at the State University of Haiti and Wheaton College, he returned to Haiti in 1974 as director of research. In 1976, Radio Lumiere began broadcasting in FM stereo.

Hartt retired from Radio Lumiere in 1986 and moved to Abbotsford, B.C. where he remained until his death.

David was predeceased by Erma in August 2003. He is survived by his six sons: Paul Hartt of Bellevue, Washington, Samuel Hartt of Kent, Washington, Joe Hartt of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Daniel Hartt of Boulder, Colorado, Jonathan Hartt of Pomona, California, and Nathan Hartt of Placerville, California; a sister Charlotte Hartt Griffith of Racine, Wisconsin, brothers Richard Hartt of Pasadena, California, and Bradford Hartt of Renton, Washington; nineteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

-- Written by Jim Uttley



WEST COVINA, Calif. - Homer Bryan Okey was born in Montrose, Colo., on May 22, 1919 and died in West Covina, Calif., on Jan. 27, 2003, at the age of 83 due to respiratory complications.

Homer was raised in Montrose and worked as a young man for White & Okey Constructors & Builders. White & Okey built the Montrose County High School, the local hospital and remodeled several prominent facilities including the jail.

In February of 1942 Homer was inducted into the armed service where he served as a first sergeant with the 128th Engineer Combat Battalion, serving in Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe.

After receiving an honorable discharge in January of 1946, Homer returned to Montrose. He later relocated to Klamath Falls, Ore., to work for the state's tax commission. It was there that he met and married Dorothy Hartt from Hans Peak, Colo., and Rawlings, Wyo. They had one son, Patrick. The family later moved to California where Homer worked for the Veteran's Administration and later the Small Business Administration as a supervising engineer/appraiser. Homer retired from the SBA after 25 years of service.

Following Dorothy's death in 1974, Homer married JoAnne Hughes in 1976 and they moved to West Covina, Calif., where they made their home until the time of Homer's death.

Homer was a life member of Montrose Elks Lodge No. 1053, having joined the lodge 61 years ago.

Homer will be remembered for his love of his family, strong work ethic, healthy sense of humor and his reputation for always leaving a situation better than before he became involved. This very loved husband, father, grandfather and brother will be deeply missed.

Surviving family members who were privileged to share Homer's life include his wife, JoAnne Okey and her daughter Carol; his son, Patrick Okey and wife Vicki, of Eureka, Calif.; three grandchildren: Jessica, Christopher and James Okey; one brother, Theodore Okey, of Riverside, Calif.; one sister, Jane Miller, of Grand Junction, Colo.; as well as numerous nephews and nieces.

Homer was preceded in death by his parents, Homer Osion Okey and Lulu (Scott) Okey of Montrose; one sister, Betty Winters; and one brother, Bill Okey.


Margaret Jane (MacLaggan) Pugh passed away October 31, 2004 at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital after a short illness. Born in South Devon on March 8, 1920, Margaret was the daughter of the late Robert MacLaggan and Marjorie Titus. She graduated from Fredericton High School in 1937 and the Provincial Normal School in 1938; taught school at Lower Queensbury, Devon Superior School, Harry J. Clark School (Belleville, Ont.), Smythe Street School and Park Street School in Fredericton. She retired from teaching in 1975 and was able to enjoy almost 20 years of retirement traveling with her late husband, Gerald George Pugh through Canada, USA and Mexico and later wintering in Lakeland Florida. She continued to travel annually to Florida after Gerald's death in 1993 until just two years ago.

Margaret was a founding member of the Devon Senior's Club and the Nashwaak Bicentennial Association. She was also a member of the Fredericton Genealogical Society. Margaret was a mother, grandmother, a teacher, artist, bridge player and historian (writing more than four genealogies) and true friend to all who knew her.

Loving Mother of Dr. George Pugh (Chris), Edmonton AB; Margery West (Jim), Kingston Ont., Gerald Pugh, Ellen Whalley (Brad), Fredericton, Kathy Waugh (Dave), Douglas and special Grandmother to Aaron West, Renee and Nicole Pugh, Jessica and Peter Whalley, Jake and Luke Waugh.

Also survived by sisters Elizabeth Fraser (Ken), Dr. Ellen MacGillivray (George), and brother Donald MacLaggan (Mary) and many nephews and nieces. She was predeceased by brother Douglas MacLaggan and his wife Beth.

1920-2001                    Picture:   Irma Hartt

Irma Mavis (Webb) Hartt of Tracy, N.B. died at the Ormocto Public Hospital on December 1, 2001 at the age of 81.

Irma is survived by her husband David E. Hartt; two daughters Deanna Duplisea (Donald) and Sherri Slipp (Duane) all of Fredericton Junction, two sons, Byron Hartt (Rosie) of Quebec, David (Wayne) Hartt (Linda) of Fredericton Junction; one step-son David Allen (Phyllis) of P.E.I...; one daughter-in-law Carol Hartt of Fredericton Junction; 16 grandchildren; 13 great grandchildren, several nieces and nephews.

Irma was a member of the Tracy United Baptist Church and worked as a Cook at the Goodie Shop in Fredericton. She was a member Club 65, Gladstone Blissville Seniors and Life Member of the Branch # 55 Ladies Auxiliary.

She is predeceased by her parents Florence (Dewitt) and Ralph Webb; two sons Edward and Raymond, one brother George Webb and great grandson Andrew.

The family invited relatives and friends to Sunbury Funeral Home on Tuesday 2-4 and 7-9. There will be a Laies Auxiliary Tribute for Irma at 7 p.m. Funeral service will be from the Tracy United Baptist Church on Wednesday, December 5, 2001 at 2 p.m. with the Rev. James Harrison officiating. Interment to follow in the Tracy United Baptist Church Cemetery. You may express your sympathy by making a donation to Fredericton Junction Ambulance or charity of your choice. Arrangements are in the care of Sunbury Funeral Home, Central Blissville, N.B.

1920-2001(1920 -1999)

First Central Presbyterian Church, Abilene, Texas
A Service of Worship in Memory of Odber Raymond Hartt Jr.
January 15, 1999

Odber "Ray" Hartt Jr. was born in Wichita Falls, Texas, February 3, 1920.  Ray graduated from high school and attended Texas A&M University, graduating in 1946 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, after a four year time for service in World War II.

He served as Captain in the Corps of Engineers while in the military, serving in North Africa, Italy, and also the Philippines and Japan.

Ray married Joan Logan in Wichita Falls on February 11, 1950.  He was a member of the First Central Presbyterian Church where he served as an ordained Elder and Deacon.  He was in charge of adding and installing the air-conditioning to the original First Presbyterian Church Sanctuary, and supervised the remodeling of the old sanctuary into Fellowship Hall.  Ray began working for West Texas Utilities as an air-conditioning engineer March 1, 1954 and was later the Space Conditioning Engineer in Customer Services.  He retired from WTU March 2, 1986.

Ray was a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Texas Society of Professional Engineers, and the Abilene Exchange Club where he served as president.  He had been on the City Board of Electrical Examiners for six years and Chairman of the Volunteer Weatherization Committee.  Ray was  a member of the Advisory Committee for construction of the headquarters building for Meals on Wheels.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.R. Hartt Sr.; a sister, Helen Hartt Thompson; and a nephew, David Thompson.

Survivors include his wife of Abilene; a daughter, Ann L. Hartt of Abilene; a grandson, Robert Lee Hartt of Abilene; and four nieces. 

1932-1997            Picture:   Joseph Roy Hartt

Joseph Hartt was born in San Francisco, CA on June 27th, 1932, the youngest of seven children born to David Roy Hartt and Jenny Lind Roach. While growing up in California and Canada, Joseph developed a strong love of flying. In January, 1959, he joined the US Navy Flight School. During his nine years of experience as a pilot with Air Groups 12, 19, and 4, Mr. Hartt accumulated thousands of hours of jet aircraft flight time and hundreds of day and night carrier landings. He was the first qualified Naval Aviator to actually fly and evaluate the early prototype systems. Various of his suggestions and design inputs have been incorporated into the current mature systems.

Subsequent to his service with the Navy, Mr. Hartt joined the IBM Corporation, Data Processing contractor to NASA at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas. From 1967 to 1973, he performed a range of tasks in support of the Gemini, Apollo, and early SkyLab programs. These included technical and programming requirements definition, systems integration, computer simulations, and mission support. He was Manager, Mission Support, and directly responsible for all computer processing functions within the Real Time Computer Complex (RTCC) of the Mission Operations Control Center during all the Apollo missions with the exception of Apollo 17. IBM and NASA arranged for him to travel to the Cape to observe the lift-off of his long-time friend and fellow Navy pilot, Captain Gene Cernan, commander of the final mission to the moon.

Early in his career Mr. Hartt initiated a program of personal investing. In 1973, he was able to retire from active employment and moved his family to Denver where he continued his personal investment activity. In 1978, he founded Western States Research, Inc., a small R&D company through which he pursued new technology primarily in the fields of aviation and medicine. He holds or shares a number of patents in both fields. NASA is currently evaluating one of his invention concepts at Ames Research Facility in Sunnyvale.

In 1990, Mr. Hartt and Dr. Alan Vetter of HMRL were asked to evaluate the concept of using GPS precision positioning technology to guide aerial application aircraft. After exploring theoretical alternatives and laying out a feasible design, Mr. Hartt and Dr. Vetter founded a new company, SATLOC, Inc. to undertake product development. By mid-1991, they had demonstrated a working prototype which proved beyond any doubt that their theoretical evaluation of GPS capability was correct.

Mr. Hartt devoted himself to the growth and development of the new company. During his tenure as President and CEO, and currently as Vice Chairman, SATLOC has grown from its original 2 consultants to now number 74 employees. Its revenues will exceed $16 million in 1995. More than 800 AirStar GPS Precision Guidance and Tracking units have been sold and installed across the United States, in Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and before the end of this year, Argentina, South Africa and possibly Europe.

Mr. Hartt’s wife Brita Elizabeth, is a native of Norway, and came to America as a new bride in 1960. Their oldest son, Steve, is married, with a daughter Chloe and a son Simon. Steve is a Vice President with CitiCorp in Manhattan. Their youngest son, Jeff, is a scientist with Harris, is married with no children, and lives in Colorado Springs.

Joseph Hartt died at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 17th, 1997 after a 9-month battle with kidney cancer.


A funeral for Gerald "Jerry" Hartt of Priest River was held Jan. 6 at the Free Methodist Church in Priest River. The Reverends Marlow Thompson and Palmer Wharton officiated.

Burial followed at Evergreen Cemetery. Hartt, 53 died of natural causes at Newport Community Hospital Jan. 2. He was born May 31, 1933, in Rawlins, Wyo. He was the son of John and Frances Hartt and came to Priest River in 1939.

He served in the U. S. Army during the Korean War and was an Employee at Louisiana-Pacific lumber mill. He would have retired in May, 1987. Surviving him are his wife, Patsy at home; a son, Gerald W. in Priest River; four daughters, Clouie Greenway of Chelan, Carol Elmer of Spokane, andy Elmer of Priest River, and Claudia Hartt of Seattle; his mother, Frances J. Hartt, Priest River; two brothers, Frank and William of Priest River; a sister, Shirley Lindell Iowa; 11 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Arrangements were made by Sherman Funeral Home.

1942-1997            Picture:  Edward Hartt

Edward (Ed) Raye Hartt of Fredericton Junction died at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton on April 4, 1997, at the age of 54.  Ed is survived by his wife, Carol Ann (Skeldon) Hartt, his parents, Irma M. (Webb) and David E. Hartt of Tracy, three daughters, Jennifer Janice and her husband Troy MacDonald, Teena Marie and Karen Ann all of Fredericton Junction, two sisters, Deanna Duplisea and husband Donald, Sherri Slipp and husband Duane, all of Fredericton Junction, three brothers, David Allen Hartt and wife Phyllis of Summerside, Byron C. Hartt and wife, Rosie, of Port Cartier, David Wayne Hartt of Fredericton Junction, and several nieces and nephews.

Ed was a Retired Aircraft Technician, ran Hartt’s U-Pick and was known as Strawberry Ed.  He was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #55 and was awarded the Palm Leaf -- the highest award that the legion bestows.  He was the past president of the Fredericton Junction Agricultural Society and a past member of the Fredericton Junction Volunteer Department where he was recognized for his service.  He was a member of the Canadian Corp of Commissionaires.

A legion tribute will be held at Sunbury Funeral Home on Sunday at 7 p.m.  Following the tributes, Ed’s family will receive family and friends at the funeral home.

Funeral service will be from the Tracy United Baptist Church on Monday, April 7th at 2 p.m. with Rev. Jim Harrison officiating.  Interment in the Gladstone Cemetery will take place at a later date.  If you wish, a donation to the charity of your choice would be appreciated by the family.


1948-1999                    Picture:   Dahlmer Michael White
The great-grandson of Mary Etta Hartt

Dahlmer Michael White was born May 11, 1948, the oldest child of Dahlmer Elder White and Camilla Theresa (Greenlaw) White. Growing up, he was called “Mike” to make a distinction between father and son. At the age of 18, he enlisted in the army and was soon sent to Vietnam.  He served longer than any other GI, from 1968-1972.  He later added the confirmation name, “Jacque”, which he chose when marrying his first wife, Barbara Tanney, who was a catholic.  He had other marriages, but never any children.

The years after Vietnam were difficult for him and he found it difficult to be around people who didn’t understand what he had been through.  Mike suffered from PTSD, but eventually found his place with the Vietnam Veterans of America.  He formed many lasting friendships and finally seemed at peace with himself.  Many of these friends called him “Dale.”  It could be confusing to someone meeting him for the first time, hearing him called by different names.

He was self-employed for much of his life, later working for the Roberts Express Company in Michigan, where he lived most of his life. He had, for a time, also lived in Maryland and Windsor, Ontario

At the age of 49, Mike was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. The cancer progressed quickly, but Mike was able to call and visit many people to say goodbye before it robbed him of the ability to communicate.  His parents and siblings cared for him until his death at the age of 50 on February 18, 1999, three months before his 51st birthday.

He is survived by his parents Dahlmer and Camilla White of Redford, Michigan and siblings Cynthia (Dan) Tanguay of Redford, Michigan; Jill (private); Allison (Brian) Carey of Waterford, Michigan; Chris (Karen) White of Clearwater, Florida; Adrienne (Steve) Kaufman of Novi, Michigan. He leaves behind two aunts and many nieces and nephews.

A memorial service was held at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Livonia, Michigan.  It was attended by many of his veteran friends who came from all across the country as well as from Canada.  Mike requested the burial of his ashes in the memorial garden at the church.

The line as follows: Mary Etta Hartt.> son: Rupert Greenlaw> daughter: Camilla Theresa White> son: Dahlmer Michael White.


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