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The history of Pearl Lake, Colorado, and Minnie Pearl Hartt for whom the lake is named. Created by Cathy Hartt, the site includes information on John Kelly Hartt, area history, a five-generation picture album, and much more.
A great source of links to genealogy resources and information.  Information for beginners and seasoned genealogists alike.  This resource suggested by Melanie and Ms. Sadie Bishop of the Cole Memorial Library.
A great source for all kinds of genealogy information and links.  Information for beginners and seasoned genealogists alike.  If you're new to genealogy, check out the article detailing how to start your genealogy search.
New Brunswick Gen Links The New Brunswick Genealogy Links site is a great source for information about families and places in New Brunswick.  Partnerships with other sources makes this site a "must visit" for NB information.
Ruby Cusack's Genealogical Site The Ruby Cusack's Genealogical Site with links to New Brunswick sites and much more.
Salem Witchcraft Trials A great source of information about the Salem Witchcraft Trials including maps of Salem at the time, transcripts of trials (Mary Towne Estey's and Rebecca Towne Nurse's), property plots, pictures and information about the Rebecca Towne Nurse homestead, and much more.  Courtesy of the University of Virginia.
Associated Daughters of Early American Witches The Associated Daughters of Early American Witches web site.   
Wendy Durieux Giesbrecht Wendy Durieux Giesbrecht's personal genealogy page on a number of surnames with links to other sites.
Hartt Register Report, First Generation Another Hartt branch starting with Samuel Hartt (1622-1683) and Mary Needham and, later, Mary Witterige as the first generation.  File in pdf format; Adobe Acrobat Reader required.
Charles F. Hartt, geologist Charles F. Hartt (1840-1878); geologist; personal and professional conflicts.
Samuel Hartt, First Generation Hartt family genealogy starting with Samuel Hartt (1622-1683).
The Hartt Genealogy Center The Hartt Genealogy Center at the Surname Web Genealogy site
Edgar and John Hartt John (father) and Edgar (son) Hartt from the Biographical Review, Volume XXXIII, located at the Durham Center Museum.  John was born in NY and, in 1820, settled in North Carolina.
Hartt Island, New Brunswick Hartt Island is uniquely located along the River Valley Scenic Drive, overlooking the beautiful St. John River and within five minutes of downtown Fredericton.

Deacon Stephen Hart and his descendants, 1632 to 1875.

Deacon Stephen Hart and his descendants, 1632. 1875; the full text of a book written about the descendants of Deacon Stephen Hart.  Around page 51, several Hartts are mentioned.
The Hart family of Guysborough, Nova Scotia First Generation We begin with two brothers: 1. Stephen Hart, born about 1605 at Braintree, Essex, England; died in March 1682; age 77.  2. Edmund Hart, he is supposed to have been one of the first settlers of Dorchester, MA, but later moved to Weymouth. His children were all girls, there were no boys to carry the name.
Josiah and Lydia Hart Descendants of Josiah Hart and Lydia Moss of Wallingford, Connecticut and Guysborough, Nova Scotia.
The descendants of Stephen Hart This page presents much of what I know about Stephen Hart and his descendants. Stephen Hart was the progenitor of one the many Hart families in North America. It is thought that he arrived in Plymouth on the ship the Lyon in 1632.
Isaac Estey petition of 1709 A copy of the Isaac Estey (Easty and Esty) motion of 1709 denouncing the Salem Witchcraft Trials and petitioning the governor to restore the reputations of those accused.
NB Provincial Archives On-Line Research New Brunswick Provincial Archives On-Line Research site including government records, private sector records, land grant database at UNB, and New Brunswick cemeteries.
Joseph Hart and his descendants Joseph Hart's grandfather emigrated to North America around 1735 in search of religious freedom.  Joseph served in the American Revolution. After the war, he moved within Virginia and, then, to Maryville, Tennessee.
As they say, "The single best source for facts on the Net."  A "must have" bookmark with links to categorized information on most any subject including genealogy (ancestors).  When you're not sure where to look, try
The single best search engine available.  At the present, Google facilitates the search of more than 2-billion pages of internet information.  Search for images, groups, use a directory, and much more.  Use advanced search for that hard to find bit of information. 
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