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Miss Annie Hartt (Charlotte Annie) with the students of the Yelm, Washington school


Charlotte Annie( Hartt ) Lewis (1854-1930) 

Annie was the 3rd child of Aaron Samuel and Catherine Hartt. She was born April 14, 1854 in Spring Hill, New Brunswick.

Annie married Arthur B. Lewis who died Sept. 14, 1924 in Tacoma, WA. She later returned to New Brunswick where she lived the rest of her life. Charlotte Annie seems to have been a strong and very loving lady indeed.

Here is a photo of Miss Annie Hartt (Charlotte Annie) with the students of the Yelm, Washington school. This school was located nearest to the main part of the small town. Her niece, Silvia Grace Johnson was one of her students and is the girl in front of her with the curl hanging over her shoulder. The year was 1903 and this seemed to be the complete student body of the school, and she seemed to be the only teacher. It seems she taught the little tiny first graders to those larger than herself. The following is quoted from the Story of Yelm, written in 1948. "West of Yelm were three schools also in the same District. Rathbun, Morgan, Lindstrum.  All three of these were at various times presided over by Mrs. M. Alberta Johnson, a very superior woman." Unfortunately there seems to be no pictures of any of those schools. Mary. Alberta Hartt was Annie Hartt's sister and Silvia's Mother. Annie worked hard and shared her living with her brother William Charles and his wife Lettie.

Contributed by Eva Miller