Massachusetts Hart to Hartt Reunion Photos!

June 23-25, 2006

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Group Photo #1!

Group Photo #2

Group Photo #3

Carole and Ed Jackson, Carolyn Wood, Mark Ingaciola

Caroline Wood, Our Host Mark Ingaciola, Betty Patterson

Paul and Carole

Allen Humphries, Marquerite and Carole Dick

Betty Barrett, Carole Dick, Carolyn Hartt


Nancy Lewis

Sherrie Slipp

Deanne Duplisea

Betty Barrett

Paul Hart, Laureen Smithers


Louise Hart

Maureen Castiglione and Carole

Happy 50th Anniversary

Betty, LaDonna, Paul and Carole

Diana Cowland and LaDonna Hart

Howard and Marian Mellen

John Cowland and Paul Hart

Paul and Rose Hartt, Howard and Marian Mellen

Pool Party

Allison and Breanna Wilson

Paul Hartt in a Top Hat

John Cowland, Betty Patterson, Bev Kraus, Breanna Wilson


The Ancestral Home Another View
The Barn from Wakefield

Welcome to the Hart House

Jane Heron and Carolynn Hartt at Hart Home

Another View
Examining the House
Isaac's Attic Room

Isaac's Barn

Isaac's Home
Isaac's Fireplace Isaac's Hearth
Isaac's Home Interior

Isaac Has Visitors

Isaac Has More Visitors

Heart Carving at Isaac's House

Lynnfield Meeting House

Lynnfield Honor Roll

Meeting House Sign
Old and New Flags
Inside the Meeting House

Meeting House Second Floor

Hungry (Hart) Beavers Old Meeting House Lynnfield, MA

Rebecca Nurse Home
Strawberry Shortcake
Three Visit The Nurse

Nurse Home Visitors

Liz and Ike
A Motley Crew Bedroom
Betty (AKA Lizzie) and Carole

Elizabeth and Isaac Hart

The Hart House Church Marker
House of Seven Gables

Diana and John Visit a Witch Shoppe

It Rained All Weekend


Bringing out the Quilt

Friendship Quilt

Friendship Quilt

Top Of Friendship Quilt

Center Of Quilt

Display Table

Flag table

Harts Memorial Century Table

Cutting the Cake

Memorial Cake

Table Reunion

List of Reunions