Hartt Reunion
Attended by Beatrice (Rose) Still and Flora (Hartt) Hazen
June 14, 1946 Auburndale, Massachusetts


10 Grandchildren of Rev. Samuel Hartt and Mary Elizabeth Estey
12 Great grandchildren
12 great great great grandchildren
46 Total

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Alice (Hartt) Rose along with her eighteen year old daughter Beatrice attended the Hartt Reunion in Mass. Alice thought if she took Beatrice on this trip from Western Canada to Mass, Beatrice would give up the notion of getting married so young. Beatrice recalls: "There were around 50 of Hartt relatives at the reunion from New Brunswick and all the New England states. The many Reverends, missionaries and pastors who attended surprised me. I was going with a young Bible College student at the time so I took the cue and we were married soon after. I was a music student at the time that I met my husband and the old story of the minister and the church organist/pianist was re-enacted.

Owen Still and I were married and we had a good life together. I got razzed about the "Bea Still" name. Some one told my husband that it was a good name for a minister's wife."
Written by Beatrice (Rose) Still

138 Hancock St.
Auburnadale 66, Mass
July 9, 1947

Dear Relatives one and all:
We were grieved that the 14th of June turned out to be so threatening for our Hartt Reunion. Of those who were brave enough to come, five were not here the year before. They were John and Florence Farrar with their sons Richard and Robert of Uncle Aaron's line and John Hartt Gordon Jr. of Uncle Samuel's tribe. Clifton has not been present on either occasion. We are glad to learn that after a season of military service he is going to be a "soldier in the Army of the Lord."

Florence and Don Clark, children of my sister Carrie and Richard Syson from Alberta sent a congratulatory telegram for the occasion of the 14th, and they are hoping that they may be able to come with their small daughter (Carole) for the next meeting in 1948.

On the two occasions in 1946 & 1947, fifty in all of the descendants of our grandparents Rev. Samuel and Mary Hartt have been present. Uncle Samuel's family with 26, Aunt Clara's with 12, Uncle Aaron's with 8 and my father Henry's with 4.
Written by Flora (Hartt) Hazen

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List of Persons Present


Mrs. Florence (Hartt) Hazen  138 Hancock St. Auburndale, MA

Rev. William Hazen 138 Hancock St. Auburndale, MA

Bedford Judah Hartt R. R. # 6 Woodstock,  N.B. Canada

Mrs. Ruby (Page) Hartt R. R. # 6 Woodstock,  N.B. Canada

Mrs. Minnie (Hartt) Norris Brocton. MA

Mrs. Grace (Smith) Hartt South Weymouth, MA

Mrs. Ruth (Hartt) Badger Milton, MA

Mr. George Y. Badger Milton, MA

Mrs. Alice M. (Hartt) Rose Hanna, Alberta, Canada

Miss Beatrice Rose Hanna, Alberta, Canada

Mrs. Lillian (Hartt) Mellen Lowell, MA

Miss Myrtle B. Mellen Lowell, MA

Mrs. Hazel B. (Mellen) Smith Lowell, MA

Marylin Blake dau of Marj (Mellen) Blake Concord, N.H.

Virginia Blake dau of Marj (Mellen) Blake Concord, N.H.

Mrs. Ida (Mellen) Prescott Melrose, MA

Mr. John Prescott Melrose, MA

Jackie Prescott Melrose, MA

Mr. John H. Gordon Reading, MA

Mrs. Elizabeth (Unold) Gordon Reading, MA

Mrs. Viola (Gordon) Kimball Bedford, MA

Mrs. Harold David Kimball, Jr. Bedford, MA

Harold David Kimball, 3d. Bedford, MA

Mr. Francis Elliott Gordon New Ipswich, N.H.

Mrs. Bertha (Dolan) Gordon New Ipswich, N.H

Cynthia Gordon New Ipswich, N.H.

Mildred Gordon New Ipswich, N.H.

Mrs. Myrtle (Gordon) Melvin Reading, MA

Mr. John G, Melvin Reading, MA

Miss Mildred C. Gordon Reading, MA

Carol Jean Melvin Reading, MA

Mrs. Bertha (Hartt) Cheney Lowell, MA

Mrs. Mildren (Cheney) Lunn Lowell, MA

Mrs. Lillian (Cheney) Yeomans Lowell, MA

Mrs. Samuel Libby Miden  MA

Mrs. Beatrice (Reid) Libby Miden, MA

Miss Carrie S. Libby Melrose, MA

Mrs. Fred A. Taylor Moultenbore, N.H.

Mrs. May (Libby) Fletcher Melrose, MA

Mrs. David P. Fletcher Melrose, MA

Mrs. Caroline (Fletcher) Miskelly Westbore, MA

Mr. James Miskelly Westbore, MA

Sandra Mae Miskelly Westbore, MA

Wayne Park Miskelly Westbore, MA

John Miskelly Westbore, MA

James B. Miskelly, Jr. Westbore, MA



Portion of a letter written by the William Hazens to Caroline Syson and Florence Clark in Stettler, Alberta, Canada

138 Hancock Street
Auburndale 66, Mass.
June 15, 1948

My dear ones:
I know you will be looking for an account of how the Hartt Picnic came off, so here goes.
Saturday was dull and dismal so our hopes went to zero for who will come on a picnic in such weather, so we thought.

We of course, knew that Helen Duclos from Edmonton, AB, Can was in Boston at the Bradford Hotel.  We had gone in on Thursday to see her and we knew she was going to her Aunt Bertha’s in Lowell to meet her cousin Lillian Williams from Maine.  We did not know whether her hopes had been realized or not.

About 11 o’clock in walked these 2 cousins, one Newton’s daughter, Helen Duclos, and the other Luther’s daughter, Lillian Williams.  Lillian is a widow and a traveled nurse with headquarters in Baltimore. Her son Gordon was in the past world war and has two or three children.  Both of these women are top notch women and did we enjoy them!!!  Then 3 cousins came from Melrose, Mae & David Fletcher with Carrie Libby.  Sam their brother and his wife Beatrice were unable to come.  Also Caroline and Jamie Miskelly, with their small family of four, Sandra, Wayne, Jean and Jimmie Jr were prevented.  They came to the reunion in 1946.

Along came Bertha Cheney and sister and brother-in-law Lillian & Arthur Mellen, Bertha brought her 2 daughters Lillian Yeomans, a widow with a small 3 yr old son Walter and Mildred Lunn. 

Our ages ranged from 85 to 3 yrs.  There were 17 of us, big and little.   Oh yes, I am forgetting to tell of Hazel Smith with her husband Harry and their 2 half grown son and daughter, Robert and Doris also arrived.  Harry Smith is a Baptist minister while their son Robert sang to us beautifully.  Hazel is Lillian and Arthur Mellen’s daughter.  Yes, Lillian had another daughter named Myrtle.  One that is not married, who also came with them.

Did we ever reminisce!  Could you have heard them, I am sure you would have been entertained.  Your pictures were passed around and duly admired.  How the small Lassie has grown! ( this is me …Carole)

A note came yesterday from John Gordon telling that an accident to his leg delayed him.  He says one of his sons, Clifton Beverly has taken a church…………

Rest of the letter is missing……..