Gifts from the Past


Plate was a wedding gift to Phebe and Daniel in 1835.  The mirror was also their mirror.
Phebe, Thomas, Thomas A, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac)  

Phebe ( Hartt) Smith (1809-1883) 

 Phebe was born  January 27, 1809  a daughter of Thomas & Phebe Hartt.  She married Daniel Edward Smith( b.Nov, 8,  1802 d. Oct 24, 1861 ) Parents were Clapman (1761-1843 ) and Susanah (Baily) (1775-1856)  Smith.  The family came to N. B. from the U. S. in 1783 with their two sons, Daniel Jr. and Clapman Jr.  Smith and  settled in the  Hoyt valley.  Phebe and Daniel Jr. were married Dec. 18, 1835.  They lived in the Blissville area of New Brunswick, Canada