Current Photos of the Isaac Hart House in Lynnfield, MA


Letter from the House's Current Owner
February, 2004

Hi Carolyn,

My name is Mark Ingaciola and I received your letter in the mail yesterday,
along with the documents about the Hart House. I am the new resident of the
home, which I purchased from Ed and Carole Jackson in June of 2004. I'm
pleased to tell you that the house is definitely the the house owned by
your family. While it now looks quite different from 1925, it is clearly
the same house.

Ed and Carole Jackson owned the house for many years, Ed having purchased
it back in the 1960's. The house was apparently in disrepair when Ed had
purchased it, but he and Carole meticulously restored it over the years,
bringing it back to it's original character. Ed and Carole are both
"antique purists", so I believe the home could not have fallen into better

I consider myself very fortunate to now own the house. My brother and his
family live next door to the Hart House, so I have admired the house for
many years, never having thought that I would one day be able to live
there. As soon as I knew it was a possibility, I sold my home on the south
shore area of Massachusetts and purchased the property. The property has a
very nice yard and now sits on almost one acre of land. Ed Jackson moved
an old English-style barn to the property I believe back in the 1970's,
which sits to the left of what was originally used as the front of the
house (as seen in your photo).

Thank you for sending me the documents. It's really a great experience to
learn more about the house, see photos, etc. Your great-grandfather
obviously loved the house as well..and $10,000 back in 1917 was quite a bit
of money, although he was correct to predict that home values would
increase! Perhaps you could bring more photos of your great-grandparents
when you visit Massachusetts?

I would be more than happy to show you the house when you visit this
Summer. Please let me know when you plan to be in the area.

I will also try to send you some photos of the house.



Outside view, front

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom View

Bedroom Fireplace

Birthing Room

Dining Room

Hall and Dining Room

Keeping Room



Parlor Fireplace