Etta Hartt Greenlaw Bible 

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Mary Etta (Hartt) Greenlaw (1866-1913)
 Mary Etta was born April 20, 1866 and died Dec. 5, 1913.  Mary Etta married
Gilman King Greenlaw at the residence of her brother Capt W. Dell Hartt Sept
4, 1889.  Rev. G. W. Foster officiated. She was a schoolteacher in
Fredericton, N.B. Mary Etta died supposedly from an ulcer. When she died
Maud (one of the oldest children) had not started a career yet. She worked
at a bank later on, but stayed home for years to care for the younger
siblings so as to help out her father, Gilman. About the time the children
were old enough to be on their own, Gilman got gangrene. He had a hang nail
and the dye from his socks infected the foot. Gangrene set in and eventually
his whole leg had to be amputated. Maud stayed there to take care of her
father (who was also a diabetic) until he died. By that time she was past
the marrying age. She got a degree from the University if New Brunswick but
never married or had children of her own. Both Mary Etta and Gilman are
buried in the cemetery at St. Andrews.

 Children of Gilman and Mary Etta (Hartt) Greenlaw
 The children were Maud 1892, Harold Eugene 1894-1963, William Dell
1896-1973, single, Muriel 1898-1900, Rupert King 1900-1969




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