William D. Hartt


Phebe L. Hartt



Note:  Don Byers took over the farm from his father, and now that is where Miriam Dares lives. 


William Dell Hartt


William Dell Hartt b. 1856 –1923, single, a son of Aaron and Mary Jane (Alexander) Hartt.  He inherited the family farm. Sister Phebe remained home as his housekeeper. While living on the farm he rescued a drowning Esterbrooks boy but both Alcon boys drowned.  Dell joined the militia as a young man and with promotions was a Major, No. 6 Company, 71st York Battalion at the time he resigned his commission in 1903.  Dell decided to try farming on the prairies.  In 1903 he sold the Hartt’s Mills property to the Charles Byers  He died Dec 25, 1923 and is buried in Gladstone Cemetery.


Phebe L. Hartt

Miss Hartt, who was a member of the United Baptist Church at Fredericton Junction, was a woman of sweet Christian Character, her kindly nature endearing her to all who knew her. She was born and spent her girlhood at Fredericton Junction.  In her early womanhood keeping house for her brother, Dell Hartt, on the old farmstead.  Always a lover of flowers, she had a beautiful garden, in a day when country flower gardens were rare, and no visitor ever left her door without a nose gay.

In 1901, she left with her brother for Creelman, Saskatchewan, where he died in 1923, his body being brought home for burial.  In 1924, Miss Hartt came to New Brunswick to make her home with relatives in St. Andrews, where she had lived since and where she passed away Sunday evening.  She is buried in Gladstone cemetery in New Brunswick.