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(Helen, Theodosia, Thomas E., Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac)

Helen Alberta (Lockhart) Clark (1887-1946)

Helen was born January 12, 1887 and died September 12, 1946.  She attended Mount Allison Ladies College where she attained her teaching certificate.  Helen married Johnson Wilmot Clark on September 24, 1913 in Saint John, New Brunswick and shortly thereafter moved west to Vancouver, British Columbia to take up residence

Helenís life, after her move west, was quite different than the lifestyle she had been come accustomed too growing up.  Her husband Johnson, delved into many business ventures (logging, mining etc.) which took him far a field from their family home (Vancouver Island, B.C. Interior) for lengthy time periods.  As a result her joy in life came upon the birth of their only child, a son, Johnson Berton Clark, May 8, 1920.  Helen and her son (Johnson Berton) spent an extended period in Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1928, when her father (C.B. Lockhart) and sister (Alice Tupper Lockhart) took a combined business trip and vacation to Europe. 
Helenís husband Ė Johnson Wilmot Clark was born in 1886, in Duisberg, Tennessee, the son of Wilmot B. Clark and Ruth Annie Dewitt.  He had two sisters, Edna and Deborah.  He died on December 28, 1978 in Calgary, Alberta