Miscellaneous Census Information



              "History of Sunbury County" by Henry Wilmot.....appeared as article in Telegraph Journal, Saint John, NB (no date, but very old)

Court for 1791 appointed the following town officers for Maugerville, Burton and Lincoln - Commissioners of Highways; JOHN HARTT. (my grgrgrgrandfather)

From 1785 Nashwaak Families by Ina MacLaggan and Faye Stewart:

John L. Fletcher, b. 1824 in NB, s/o Rebecca and Benjamin Fletcher, married Henrietta Caroline HARTT, d/o GEORGE AND JANE HARTT.
Fletcher died Feb. 16, 1899 at age 73. He was the "way station" keeper from 1857 to 1890 at Nashwaak Village. I think the way stations had something to do with the stage coaches.


James Cook, 1817-Aug. 23, 1848, s/o Henry and Margaret Cook of Penniac, NB,married SARAH ANN HARTT 1823-1893, d/o GEORGE HARTT AND GRANDDAUGHTER OF JOHN HARTT who settled at Maugerville. James and Sarah ar buried in the Old Burying Ground. They had a son, James Jr. b. c. 1841 -1897, who married Annie D. Segee, 1852-1938

THOMAS E. HARTT, of Wakefield, NB, married Maria Jane True of Lincoln, Sept. 25, 1845. She was the eldest d/o Samuel True. Witnesses: George C. Nevers and Aaron Hartt

AARON HARTT OF BLISSVILLE, m. Mary Jane Alexander of Blissville, May 4, 1848

THOMAS HARTT of Blissville, m. Adeline Perley of Blissville, April 10, 1839

SARAH R. HARTT of Kingsclear, m. John W. Camber of Kingsclear, April 14, 1887

AARON HARTT d. April 26, 1866, at age 78, and is buried in Kingsclear Cemetery.

From York County Marriage Indexes:

DAVID W. HARTT, of Gladstone, m. Lottie A. Adams,of Lincoln, May 5, 1881. They were Free Christian Baptists.

HENRY HARTT of Southampton, NB (up river from kingsclear), m. Lucinda Tapley of Queensbury ( opposite side of river).Sept. 5, 1881. Free Christian Baptists

PHEBE A. HARTT of Blissville, m. John Taylor of Grand Manan, Sept. 17, 1885

HENRY HARTT of Queensbury, m. Dorothy Lawson of Queensbury, Jan. 1, 1824. They were married by David McGibbon, Justice of the Peace.

JOHN E. HARTT of Fredericton, m. Elizabeth P. Hammond of Kingsclear, Feb. 15, 1837. Service performed by Rev. John Birkmyre of St. Paul's United Church, Fredericton.

JOSEPH HARTT of Queensbury, m. Sarah Hazelton of Queensbury, Oct. 16, 1817. They were married by Jacob Ellegood, J.P.

MARY ANN HARTT of Fredericton, m. CHARLES S. HARTT of F'ton., June 15, 1835. They were married by George Coster, Rector (Anglican) of Fredericton. Witnesses: B.W. Hammond and Charles A. Hartt

RUTH AMELIA HARTT of Kingsclear, m. Jonathan Estey of Kingsclear, Sept. 29, 1814. Married by David McGibbon, J.P.
Jacob Ring and John E. Everitt, witnesses

SAMUEL HARTT of Kingsclear, m. Mary Estey of F'ton., Oct. 15, 1822. Married by James Milne, Rector of Fredericton

ALMIRA HARTT d. 1902 at age 59 and is buried in the Harvey NB area without a stone. Harvey is south of here and as the crow flies not far from F'ton. Jct.

DANIEL HARTT of Fredericton, m. Phoebe Brown of Fredericton, July 18, 1816. Married by George Mountain, Rector, Fredericton. Witnesses: Abraham Brown and H.A. HARTT

DEBORAH HARTT of Fredericton, m. Raymond McCready of Saint John, NB, Oct. 5, 1835. Married by Fred W. Miles, Pastor, Baptist Church, Fredericton

HANNAH HARTT of Kingsclear, m. Jacob Ring of Kingsclear, Oct. 21, 1813. Married by D. McGibbon, J.P. Witnesses: AARON HARTT and John McGibbon

JOHN A. HARTT of Fredericton, m. Ann Morgan of Fredericton, Mar. 10, 1853

JANE HARTT of Kingsclear, m. Henry A. Estabrooks of Fredericton, June 9, 1859

GEORGE WHITFIELD HARTT of Fredericton, m. Isabella Cox of Fredericton, Oct. 9, 1856

F. MARVEN HARTT of Fredericton, m. Jane Grigor of Fredericton, Nov. 6, 1856

DAVID HARTT of Blissville, m. Charlotte Jane Estey of Fredericton, Oct. 22, 1851

ALBINA MARIA HARTT of Fredericton, m. Edward F. Gordon, of Fredericton, Apr. 12, 1853. Witnesses: GEORGE HARTT and ISABEL HARTT.

JULIA SOPHIA HARTT, of Fredericton, m. David Pugh of Douglas, Mar. 16, 1856. Witnesses: John Wiley and LUCY A. HARTT

L. EMELINE HARTT of Blissville, m. David Duplisea of Blissville, Sept. 23, 1858

MARY VICTORIA HARTT of Blissville, m. Solomon A. Smith of Newmarket, (1/2 way between Harvey and Kingsclear)
July 19, 1860. Witnesses: John S. P. Kelly, and PHOEBE A. HARTT

CHARLOTTE C. HARTT of Kingsclear, m. Ebenezer Libbey, of Kingsclear, Dec. 21, 1848

HENRIETTA C. HARTT of Fredericton, m. Dec. 1, 1840, Horatio N. Drake of Fredericton.

MARY E. HARTT of Kingsclear, m. Tillotson C. Libbey of Kingsclear, Aug. 20, 1839

CHARLES A. HARTT of St. John, m. Eliza Taylor, of Fredericton, Nov. 8, 1847

AARON HARTT of Kingsclear, m. Catharine S. Dayton of Douglas, May 11, 1848

PAMELA JANE HARTT of Fredericton m. William Morgan Jr. of Fredericton, Dec. 21, 1848. Witnesses: James A. Drake and H.A. Estabrooks

SARAH ANN HARTT of Fredericton, m. James Cook of Fredericton, Dec. 30, 1840. Witness: LUCY ANN HARTT

ARCHELAUS H. HARTT of Kingsclear, m. Ruth Barker of Kingsclear, Apr. 3, 1872. They are Baptists.

MARY ANN HARTT of Fredericton m. Sgt. William Rumble of Fredericton, Sept. 20, 1830

JESSIE MELVINA HARTT of Fredericton, m. Rev. Peter Melville of Stanley, NB, Nov. 12, 1878. He is Presbyterian.

JAMES HARTT of Kingsclear, m. Ena Jane Leek of Kingsclear, July 2, 1858

CLARA ANNIE BRIDGES HARTT of Fredericton, m. Jared Smith of Gladstone, (partof F'ton. Jct.) Apr. 18, 1877, Baptist.

THOMAS HARTT of Gladstone, m. Elizabeth Peabody of Lincoln, Mar 8, 1876. Witnesses: Isaac Peabody and E.A. Peabody, Free Christian Baptists

SAMUEL E. HARTT of Lower Woodstock, m. Hannah E. Nevers of Sunbury (she is buried in Lincoln), m. Sept. 2, 1875
Free Christian Baptists

LORETTA M. KILBURN of Kingsclear, m. ODBER M. HARTT of New York City, Dec. 16, 1878. Witnesses: Brunswick W. Fox and Mrs. B.W. Fox. FreeChristian Baptist